Monday, August 25, 2008

Going to town over Going-to-the-Sun Highway

Whenever we travel to Kalispell Montana, in the summer, we take Going-to-the-Sun Highway. Fifty-two glorious miles and the very most scenic mountainous environment ever! Who needs to leave their home state when we live here!

Traveling the Pass (as I shall call it from now on) saves us about 60 miles and lots of gas. We hate to see the pass close for the season each year, because then we have to go "down and around" the park to get to Kalispell and on west.

I will show you some scenes that we see as we travel the wonderful route. I think I need to learn to make my pictures smaller, probably simple procedure, but I have yet to learn it. (I also wonder how to put my pictures where I want them??!

I absolutely love Indian Paintbrush...the color varies and I adore the pale to the intense coral colors -- these plants/flowers are along almost the entire!

Let's see the pictures so far are: The Indian Paintbrush; the waterfall at the top of the Pass going around the bend and down to the west side; Haystack waterfall; at an overlook at the top of the pass looking over to the road that we still need to travel down on. There are actually some mountain goats, jumping down the side of the mountain to the left of the picture!

I think I shall go see if I can make the pictures smaller so I can fit more in! Enjoy!

Okay, I did some "thumbnails" of the Weeping Wall; river on west side as we get down into the vegetation and pines; and a vista shot; I left the picture of the road large to show how steep the road is above the lower part of the park!

...and so that is how we travel to our "town" of Kalispell some 100 miles to the west (in the summer only). It is usually 6 hours of traveling and some fast shopping, doctor visits, etc., then back home -- but summer daylight gives us plenty of time to get home before dark!

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  1. Hi Judy,
    Beautiful photos!
    Every summer, my husband can not wait until we make our trip to Glacier. Last time we were driving from East Glacier to Many Glaciers, it was raining on our left and sunny on our right. We were trailing 3 hours of non-stop rainbows from one mountain range to the next!