Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ranch Activities

It is haying time on the ranch. Kara, daughter-in-law is driving the International Farmall. Marvin and Jason are pitching on the hay! They make two sizes of bales, large round bales (which are picked up with the tractor and front end loader) and the small square bales that they pick up by hand and stack onto the haywagon seen in this picture.

The top pictures are of Marvin and Meadow Muffin, as far as Meadow is concerned Marvin is her "mom" and follows him anywhere she can. She is an orphan work horse filly and is a few months old. It looks like she will get rather large. She really goes through the milk replacer!

Kara, Marvin, and Jason tried to get me to help with haying by driving the tractor! But I would rather create my little lambs. I will attach a picture of my new creations using all wool! I do believe they are darling!
I have a lot to do, so will close for now! Enjoy your days!

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  1. Adorable little filly! And those 2 haying pictures are different - he's waving in one :-) I say leave it.