Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great Montana Sheep Drive, Reed Point, Montana August 31, 2008

Reed Point, Montana -- a very small town with lots of attitude! The population is approximately 100 but can they put on an event! This is called the Great Montana Sheep Drive and it takes place every year.
We had always wanted to go to this event, but we could never get away and it was a "far piece" down the road! Probably close to 400 miles away (one way).
Our son, Mitchell, and daughter-in-law, Nichole live in Judith Gap with their three sons (which is a whole lot closer to Reed Point)...anyway we decided to attend the event and to also set up our little booths with our handmade products. Mitch is a saddle maker and creator of leather goods, Nichole makes leather jewerly and does beautiful bead work (hat bands, earrings, etc.) and also is a distributor for "Laid in Montana" Emu products. We were told that they expect 5,000 to 7,000 to attend the sheep drive and to shop at the booths.
Was excited to be able to meet a Big Sky Montana ETSY Team member, Juliana Stevens, from Columbus, Montana -- Juliana makes jams, salsa, pickles, and jewelry! Brought some of her jam home...yum!
As weather goes in Montana, we experienced about 3 seasons of conditions and temperatures! No snow however, but the rain was quite discouraging -- thank goodness for the booth and the side curtains! Met a lot of people, sold some items, all in all it was a nice day.
The picture of our booths: Marvin, my wonderful ever helpful husband, is standing in front holding a hat full of candy that was tossed from the parade vehicles. To the left is our son, Mitchell and two of our Grandsons -- Kacey and Steven! Nichole is half hidden behind their information sign between the two booths! My photography was rather bad and hurried -- I was so involved in talking to people, looking at all the booths (almost 100 booths), and watching the parade, that I forgot I had brought my camera and did not take any pictures! Bummer! Then when I wanted to take pictures, there were usually so many spectators by the booths, that it was hard to take a photo!
I believe this weekend is the "Choke Cherry Festival" in Lewistown -- where we plan to be with Mitch and Nichole!