Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall has come to the Mountains

I have been very remise in keeping up my blog! Where did September go??

We have had some very cold weather 17 degrees the other morning. Water in pump house was frozen until Marvin thawed it out! Our garden took a direct hit! All my flowers on the back deck are toast. It is hard to believe that it was "too hot" just a week ago, almost 80 degrees. I have lived here long enough to know anything can happen to the weather at any time during the day let along a week ago!

I have taken some pictures of the orphan work horse filly, Meadow Muffin, she has really grown since she first came to live with us. She has gone through a lot of milk replacer. She is now on fresh cows milk.

Our milk cow Keisha is back and weined from her calves. Marvin is getting about 2 gallons of milk each milking. Meadow loves her milk!

It will soon be time for our beef calves to go to market. Marvin, Jason, and Kara have been gathering cattle and tracking down missing cattle.

I have also added a picture of my pup, Boo-Boo, his dad is our huge Anatolian Shepherd, Turk! Boo-Boo is going on 7 months.

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