Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is that snow falling outside my window?

It is November 04, 2008...it is trying to snow...the skies are very heavy and it is cold! A few days ago we have temperatures in the high 60's. We just never know what will come next, we can have three seasons in one day, it changes so rapidly!

Well, Halloween is behind us...next will be Thanksgiving...and then Christmas, my most favorite time of the year! I am busy making lambs for Christmas orders and have started making my Christmas Tree Angels again. Here is a picture of Willa! A full description and more pictures can be viewed on my web site: http://www.judyelizabethsflock.etsy.com/
I just heard today that there will be a Craft Fair at the Babb School (in Babb) on November 30th. That will be a fun event to attend (reminder to me, in case I forget)! I love to go to Craft Fairs.
I have to end this and get back to work!
For Christmas shopping or for any gift giving check out the ETSY site for items made in the United States and all over the world: http://www.etsy.com
The Big Sky Montana Team has beautiful items in their shops on ETSY. When you get to the ETSY site, you can type in "montanateam" in the search area and that will take you to most of the teams creations.
Enjoy your day!

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