Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just what did Jena look like...

Some people have wondered just what Jena the Gentle Ewe looked like. Well, here she is with me (when I was much younger -- like 21 years ago when I was in my 40's) and my wonderful Shu-Shu-La (Great Pyrenees) in 1987. Because of bear problems I went out of the sheep business in the late 1990's. But I will always remember Jena with great joy! She was one of "my girls" and a sweet ewe who always came when she was called. I loved her so much!
Shu-Shu-La was raised with Jena and when the sheep went out to pasture, Shu went along with them to guard and protect them. We had two other Great Pyrenees during this time: Barnyard Barnie (who guarded his dog dish) and the wonderful Pal-of-Mine (Shu's mom, Barnie was Shu's dad). Pal did all the perimeter checks of the pastures -- she did not like staying with the sheep. the Pyrs did not fear much (except when they heard guns shots from hunters in the area and thunder). The Pyrs lived on the ranch for 11 years and saved many lambs, calves, and ME from bears, wolves, coyotes, dogs and othe predators. They were great family dogs and loved being with the family as well as the sheep. When the Pyrs were getting old we then began raising Anatolian Shepherd Guard Dogs (a very sturdy guard dog and also family pets).
One thing to remember when buying or adopting these type of dogs -- they love to bark at night -- ALL night, because they are on guard! They also like to challenge vehicles that are entering your ranch and this can be a real problem. One of our Anatolians, Feather, likes to attempt to grab tires, or wheel wells -- always a horrible scare. But they feel the need to challenge anything new that comes into their territory -- the ranch and home area. When we know the UPS man is coming we keep the dogs close to us and restrained. After all these years (15) the Anatolians still hate the Big Brown Truck when it comes roaring into the ranch.
...and so it goes on the ranch...have a good day...


  1. Great photos! Someday I am going to come and spend some time painting up there. That waterfall pic, and the one at the end of the grand vista would be wonderful paintings!

  2. ...it is a beautiful area in the summer, with so very much to paint and take pictures of or to just inhale all the beauty!

  3. What a wonderful enviroment to grow up in!

    I'm glad you don't mind me including one of your lambs in my 'Saturday Shopping'. I wasn't quite sure if I could do it or ask permission first to do so. Should I have?

    Thank you for visiting, I'm glad you found me :o)


  4. Liesel!

    I am honored that you chose one of my lambs to feature on your beautiful blog! No need to ask!

    Judy Elizabeth

  5. I miss you all tons! I love this picture.