Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Red Skies in the Morning....

...Good Golly Miss Molly...look at this cloud! You know the old saying?...red skies in the morning sailor take warning...and on our windy side of the Rocky Mountains, that's no joke!

...I just took this picture (approximately 0750 hours) of this fantastic cloud to the northwest! Batten down the hatches and where is the root cellar, Dorothy!

...here is another part of the sky as the sun begins it's rise.
When the wind blows in our part of the country, high profile vehicles are swept off the roads, trains are blown off the tracks, and no one wants to drive!...I have had the wind come under my vehicle and lift it off the ground. Who needs a tornado when the winds blow at 95 mph gusts. Even at 56 mph to 70 mph it is very difficult to walk outside and do the chores on the ranch!
...our home place (of the ranch) is located on a flat plain (no trees to speak of) right off the Rocky Mountains and the wind howls down upon us with extreme force. Nothing is safe from the winds this time of year. Trips to "town" , sometimes three hours away, have to be planned around the wind (or blizzards) but the wind is the real problem. If it just snows or rains a smidge, the winds pick up and just whip the land something terrible! The winds are the worse from now on through January.
I have tried to grow trees in our yard at the house only to have them grow to a certain height and then get snapped in half by the wind! We have our roof cabled down on the northwest side!


  1. You know the saying: "Red sky in the morning, sailors take a warning!" It means bad weather is coming. We Montanans are tough, we don't care! Montana has the most spectacular sun rise and sun set.

  2. Uyen, we may be tough, but when the quonset doors blow off and wrap themselves around the semi, that makes me CRY! Or, blows the dog houses away, or overends the storage sheds, or blows me holding a newborn calf across the corral, or blows the electric truck off the road...waaahhh!

  3. Ohh, The beauties of living on the edge of the world in Montana!!!
    Pray for travelers with this prediction!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours JE

  4. Oh my goodness, that cloud and photo is stunning! makes me want to be out early to see magic like that. thanks for sharing!