Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some pictures taken in our area

The wind really howled here last night. This morning it was 38 but with the wind chill it was 14. I saw the wind register at 56 mph earlier today. It is calm now. A gray day. Fed and watered my chickens waiting for them to lay their eggs. With all the weather changes, they are really down on their egg production. I have about 30 or so hens...and I am only getting about 4 eggs a day if I am lucky. I know some are getting old and do not lay anymore. I let my chickens just grow old whether they are laying eggs or not.

I will add some pictures of our milk cow Keisha. She is Brown Swiss and gives about 2 gallons of milk a day. Part of her milk is feeding the bum work horse filly, Meadow Muffin, and the rest the family drinks. Keisha has a lot of cream on her milk. The picture of Keisha is early this year when her calf was just a few days old.

This time of year when the wind howls and the grass is no longer green, we need to be reminded of the beautiful country we do live in, I will add some pictures taken of the area and Logan pass.

The first picture is at the top of Logan Pass (Going-to-the-Sun Highway). The second picture is of a bear in the trees taken on Chief Mountain Highway. In all my encounters with bears I did not have a camera with me...but then I was trying to get away so no pictures would have been taken anyway.

The third picture is of our Anatolian Shepherd Guard Dog -- Turk. A beautiful member of the family with a wonderful temperment...unless you are a predator!
The forth photo is of a moutain sheep that was in the tunnel and could easily have been hit by a car. We have seen this guy in the tunnel on several ocassions as we go across the Going-to-the-Sun highway early in the morning.

The fifth picture is of a waterfall on the hike to St. Mary Falls...we turned around at this point because there had been bear sightings on the trail.

The sixth picture is a well-known place to visitors to Glacier National Park -- Wild Goose Island. Probably the most photographed area in the park.
The seventh picture is of Keisha and her heifer calf.

Our area where we live abounds in wildlife. Elk, deer, cougars, grizzly and black bear, eagles, hawks, cranes, herons, geese, swans and so much more! All of this right out our back door.


  1. Beautiful! I love Montana.
    The saddle is awesome!

  2. Uyen, our youngest son, Mitch is a saddle maker...he does lovely work. He also makes purses, wallets, you name it. His wife, Nichole, does beautiful bead work hat bands etc.

  3. I recognized the Going To the Sun highway immediately! In fact, my mom was married there...they rode their bikes up it and then got married at the summit!
    Celeste (Crickets)