Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is Here!

...the new year is here, 2009! It is very hard to know what is going to happen any year let alone this year. Lots of changes, economical hardships, widespread job loses, stockmarket fisaco, lost retirement funds, health care, lost homes...I am an optimist and it scares even me!

Every day, to me, is another gift. Up comes the sun, a brand new day, a brand new start. I love being at home on the ranch.

I like taking care of our home, doing the daily chores, cooking for the family, and creating in my little studio. I enjoy being busy. It has been too cold to go out very much, except to check on the chickens -- feed and water them and gather the few eggs they are laying in this very cold weather.

Have you heard about the new laws from the Consumer Product Safety Commission?

I design and create handmade soft sculpture lambs in about five sizes. There is a new law that will take effect in February of this year in regard to lead in children's toys, clothing and any article that a child 12 and under can play with or utilize. I certainly do not want any child (or anyone for that matter) to become ill or have health problems because of the unsafe contents of toys, articles of clothing, etc., that they come in contact with.

The CPSIA -- Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, by the Comsumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has written the law to include all items that children 12 and under can utilize must be tested for lead content. This law was based on the lead content in toys originating from a country outside the US. The law, as it is now, requires all manufacturers of childrens items for age 12 and under to be tested by a certified lab for lead content for each new item that is made. This includes any item that may be given to a child whether it was intended for a child's use or not. Each item that was made from a different source material would need new testing by the certified lab.

Small home-based businesses such as myself cannot afford to have each new batch of fabric tested for lead content. The question being, is there lead in the fabric that I purchase -- was there lead used in the processing of the certain fabric I use for my products. I would think this would be best answered by the manufacturer of the fabrics and other craft supplies that are purchased through the retail outlet. Certification should come from the suppliers of the raw supplies.

The same fabrics, craft products that I buy to create my items for sale can be purchased by another person to make an item (not for sale) that would be played with, worn by, etc. by their own children or other children. So, how does this law protect our children or us?

I am attaching a video on one person's take on the new law.

You can also check out the CPSA website.

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