Friday, January 9, 2009

Are you seeing hearts?

I know it is only the 9th of January, but are you comtemplating sending anyone a little something special for Valentine's Day? I am seeing "hearts" where ever I look in my studio at this time of the year. I love the shape of a heart anytime of the year, and usually incorporate a heart into most of my Flock designs. Red or pink is such a nice highlight color for my little black lamb stencil designs!

I made a special little lamb for Valentine's Day and she found a home so very fast, that I have to make some more! I will post her picture here today. The first lamb is a size number one and the second picture is a size three. You can visit my shop to view them both (at this time the size 3 is in my "sold" items).
The snow that we had and cold have passed for the time being. We had some weather in the 40's and most of the snow melted. It did snow last night but did not amount to very much. Listening to the news last night and this morning to the road closures and weather advisories, it sounds as though other areas to the east of us are having quite a time with the weather and blowing snow.
I am making decorative pillows at this time. There is nothing I love more than hand sewing! Whenever I made a quilted garment, I could hardly wait until the machine sewing was completed so I could do the hand quilting! It is very good that I enjoy hand sewing because my little and big lambs take a whole lot of stitches to complete them and patience is the key word.
Also, good thread and wonderful bee's wax! I never begin hand sewing without first waxing my thread!!! I have bee's wax at all my sewing areas. It makes the thread so much "stronger" and easier to sew with. Real bee's wax is the best. Sometimes when you buy "bee's wax" in the stores it seems to be mixed with other wax and does not work as well. I always sew with a single strand of double thread, because it really likes to mess up and knot up (okay, maybe when I sew on buttons, I use a double thread -- saves time and how many times you have to sew the button on for a secure hold).
I remember in Home Ec way back in high school, we were instructed to only use a hand stitching thread as long as -- was it our arm?...good thing I have long arms because I have always used a verrry long thread...sometimes this does get me in trouble...wrapping around the little ears and little butts and little legs of my lambs...but I hate to run out of thread!! By waxing the thread this decreases the chances for KNOTS...I hate knots...There are about three or so knots that can happen to your thread. Some are easily removed, some are terrors and if you have a lack of patience -- well, things can get nasty! Because of the long thread I use it is most unwise to sit anywhere near me when I am hand sewing...I mean this sincerely and for your own protection!
Well, I am not getting any hand sewing done sitting here. So, if you are reading this, I wish you a happy and productive day! I also hope your new year is going alone well.
Take care, drive safely and enjoy!

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