Saturday, January 17, 2009

The sun is shining!

...the sun is shining and the sky is blue...what, no wind today! Can that be? We have had some very nice temps in the past few days! Yay! Superb! In the 40's for us is like may go into the the 50's today -- early summer temps! Another big Yay!

...the snow has melted -- a lot -- so now there is the ice that remains and it is very difficult to walk about outside...I hang on to everything I can...yard fences, vehicles parked by the yard gate...tall dogs...the 4-wheeler...anything that I can to get over to the quonset and check on my chickens. All that for one or two eggs...the "girls" hens are on vacation from egg laying...must have been the weather.

...had to take my Turk (Anatolian), who is a canine to the vet the other day because he was limping on his back leg. Well, it was not the best of news...$$$$ first it was thought he had fractured a bone, but developed into something with his tendons...he is at the vet's office so they can watch him to see if everything is going well. The vet is 3 hours away. We will probably go sometime next week to bring him home. He may become a house dog! He is very large and lives outside, since he is a guard dog. Maybe a porch dog and only outside with my supervision. Poor Turk, he will not understand this at all. The vets say he has been a real dream to take care of. This is Turk's second orthopedic surgery...$$$$...he is now a very mega expensive dog. Perhaps I should consider Health and Life insurance for Turk at this point, especially health insurance...know any good canine health insurance company"s???

...Well, I must end this little memo and get back to other duties that are calling for me...

...may your day go well!

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