Monday, February 9, 2009

Lovely Sunny Day!

, another sunny day...does that make two in a row...maybe three in a row! Always makes me feel better when the sun is shinning!

...finished my quilt block for "Save Handmade for Kids!" I will post it on my blog. It was fun to make the block once the idea came together...actually I start with a lamb (new smaller tiny little lamb pattern I made) and then go from there. Once I have the lamb made, things begin to fall into place.

...I will also post a current picture of myself with my lambs/ewes.

...I have to go and walk Turk, while he recovers from his leg surgery, he needs to be restricted and he does not like this...but he is a perfect gentlemen while he "gives you the eye" -- big soft brown eyes and let's you know that he would rather be running with the wind! He tends to try and take advantage of laying his big body against me and trying to change my direction away from the house and back out to a meadow!

...more later...I have to learn how to put the pictures WHERE I want them! They do not insert where I want them to...they always go to the top of the narrative...

...okay, walked the dog (Turk)! Collected the chicken eggs...what wonderful things come from some very messy creatures...I mean I really enjoy my chickens...but good golly do they make a mess of their environment. I will have to take a picture of them some day...they all look so good now that they lost their feathers and are in full "bloom" once again!

...I will also add a picture I took on Sunday last up by St. Mary Montana. It, too, was a beautiful day. This picture is looking toward upper St. Mary Lake and into Glacier National Park, off US Highway 89.

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