Thursday, February 5, 2009

Patience Turk!

...It has been many a-week that Turk has been under "house arrest" -- at first he thought it was not too bad...but it is wearing on him. We take him for his walks...he loves to roll in snow drifts and eat the cold snow...then he will just lay on top of the snow as if he has gone to heaven and there is no better place for a dog to be. I would say his patience is wearing very thin about this "porch" in the porch is not very exciting, no new smells, no new sights. So, Turk has taken to a whooling type of voice to show his displeasure...he does not bark...he whooles...and at night when the other dogs are on guard and they are barking -- he whooles...which is actually a whole lot better than a constant bark coming from the porch which is very close to my bedroom!

To do his "business" he has to have a rather long walk...I think he "holds" it in until he feels he has had as much time outside as he can before we say, "Okay, Turk is it time to get serious, 'cause we are heading back to the porch!" Of course, he has to "mark" a lot...this is what a guard dog does...marks everything, especially if it has been marked previously. Hard to say where he keeps all his "marking" water/urine.

The sun was shining yesterday, but not today! Bummer, it always makes it so much better when the sun shines down on us! The temperatures are mild in the 40's, but that darn wind still blows all the time.

You know spring is coming when all the seed catalogs begin to arrive. We sit there drooling all over the wonderful array of fresh fruits and vegetables...then we begin to narrow down what we really can grow in our unpredictible area...which is not that much. And of course, you have to remember the constant winds...what tall flower can survive that...or new tree or many other plants and shrubs. Root vegetables can grow here. Then there are the birds that love the few berries that ripen as much as we do. Birds attack the tomatoes that we were trying to grow in our climate. I put cages around the plants, covered them at night...they did not grow very well, and any tomatoe that did come on was pecked by the birds. Tried to grow go! Tried some squash again...poor things! The lettuce was good, the cabbage was full of bugs. I don't know what happended to the radishes -- yikes, they were just flat scarey! We do get potatoes. We would like to get a greenhouse of some sort...afraid it would blow away!

...this day is passing fast, I have walked Turk, collected the few eggs, made lunch, and I must get on to other pressing matters.

...enjoy your day...

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  1. I know what you mean! I look forward to growing a lot more down here than we were ever able to up there.
    I do not miss the wind, but I do miss you! Have an enjoyable day as well.