Friday, February 20, 2009

Test Post

Waterfall on hike to St. Mary Falls
This is where we turned around when other hikers said they saw a very large grizzly bear. We were not feeling brave or foolish that day!

Top of Logan Pass or Going-to-the-Sun Highway
This is a beautiful waterfall that is right on the road as you round the bend to go down on the west side of the Pass. There are usually quite a few mountain goats on this bend.

Fall in Glacier National Park on the West side of the pass heading down to Lake McDonald Lake.

This is a test entry to see if I can move my pictures and put entries by each picture!


  1. There are some places that just can't be duplicated! Thanks for the pictures.

  2. I just saw Matt's painting and thought I would come and see his inspiration. Wonderful photo! Glad you didn't run into the Grizzly! There are so many great hikes around us, eh! Endless beauty.