Monday, March 16, 2009

I am so in need of green grass and spring!

Ahhhhhh...some green grass...this is at the Top of Logan Pass or Going-to-the-Sun Highway in Glacier National Park! The white flowers are Bear Grass, from the lilly family. There are some years when the Pass is just covered with Bear Grass and that is quite a sight to see!
Spring comes very late to our area of the world, which is sad...spring flowers bloom in what would normally be summer for most folks. Pity the poor flower that needs a long growing season!
I remember the first winter in Montana. A very deep snowfall came in early September, and then when it cleared away, fall came and was very brief! The winds blow the fall leaves off the trees in a very short time. You have to be quick to catch the fall colors in our part of the world.
The 70's had some very hard winters, very cold temps, and lots of snow. Plus some very dry summers with not enough moisture for hay meadows and crops to feed the livestock in the winter.
I could not believe winters could be so long and that the earth could stay so brown for that long! So, I am definitely ready for spring...but I know that we could have another whole month of winter in April. I have seen it snow every month of the year. I was especially impressed when it snowed in August one year...good grief...August!
It is near impossible to grow any type of flowers in our windswept area. Columbines do grow and seem to tolerate the wind. I am always looking for a "protected" area to try and grow any flowers. We had some beautiful Peonies last year that are planted by the house for protection. I have made the mistake of buying beautiful hanging baskets in years past that blew away!
It is so hard to go west across the mountains and see all the wonderful blooming plants, bushes, etc and know that you are sealing their death if you bring them back to our east side of the mountains and expect them to grow! Some plants just really get their growth and then our first frosts will can frost any night of the summer.
Tried to grow squash a few years, 90-day growing period they need. Not here folks, no 90-days to be able to bloom and then produce squash and have it mature here.
I think it was just last week that we had -36 with windchill...then just wait a day or two and it is 40 to 50 degrees...I have seen this temperature change in a few hours one year.
We are pouring over the seed catalogues and wondering what plants we should subject to our climate this year. Hmmm....
This post is sounding rather dismal, sorry for that.........maybe the older I get the less I like 8-month winters and walking on snow covered ice...
Time for me to go collect chicken eggs and feed the "girls"...
Happy Green thoughts to all...and Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow -- March 17th!

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