Monday, March 30, 2009

March -- Going out like a LION!

My van that is not going to go anywhere soon!
Hillside out our back door to the east past St. Mary River.

There is 18" of new snow...and drifts pretty darn high...then the wind whipped the snow around and there are places where the ground is actually clear...not too many of these places, however!

This is right outside our back door...the other day a very large grizzly was crossing the little creek and heading to the haystack area to the right of the picture. I was walking around the haystack in the very same area! I was yelling for my dogs while I was walking. Later when I got back to my house, I saw this very large grizzly going back across the creek from the haystack area! Our guard dogs spotted it and took out after it. So, I was kind-a saying "Yikes!" to myself.

The bears have been sighted for a few weeks now. There is a sow and her cubs that was spotted. We sit right down on St. Mary River and then across the river are hills and nothing much else for miles. We look out our windows and can see elk grazing on the hillside and also see bear.

The temperature is heading upwards toward the 40's so that is nice. I hear there is another storm that is suppose to be coming in. Good moisture...but we are getting some early calves and this is not good for them.
I am hoping April will be more Spring-Like and gentle, we start calving in early April.
I am thinking in pastels, and soft greens, and pretty floral colors and really hoping for an early spring here by the mountains. I have seen it snow every month of the year and I have seen it be a very nasty April, also. We just never know...there is no "normal weather" for us, it seems.
I hope you are all having a good day...anyone seeing flowers and green grass out there, anywhere????

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