Sunday, March 8, 2009

Winter returned...darn it anyway!

Little size 2 lambs -- approximately 6 inches tall and 8 inches long! One with a fuschia bow and one with a lavender bow!

Winter decided to return this past week...I really don't mind the snow, but I do mind the COLD! With the windchill this a.m. it was -36 degrees below zero...I wrote it all out, 'cause it was that cold according to our weather station that we have in our home.

I think it was Wednesday night and early Thursday morning when the wind came whipping in and blew away the snow that fell earlier that week...then it had to go and snow again on Friday and Saturday.

I was able to make two size 2 lambs last night and this morning. I will put a picture of them at the top of this blog post.
It is tax time...and it is not my favorite time of the year. Every year I say I will do a better job so it will be easier when the time comes. But the days, weeks, months pass and then I have to go through everything to input it all into the budget sheets. My daughter-in-law has set up a good system for me, thank goodness! But you have to take the time to make the entries as you go.
This is brief because I have to keep at it to get the accounting done.
....more later........take care and enjoy your family and friends!

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