Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby Calves...spring is really here!

Looking toward Divide Mountain from our pasture "up north"

Chief Mountain from the pasture

Two shy little Angus calves!

One little calf that actually let me take it's picture!

Started taking pictures and everyone got up and left!!

Right before everyone left! Red and Black Angus cows and calves

The sun is out and about is the is 50 degrees, but with the wind it feels a whole lot colder!

I took these pictures up north about 3 or so miles from the home place. Jason and Kara are calving out up there. This is where they plan on building their home. They have good corrals up there.

The view from this pasture is beautiful...and if you go up to the highest hill, the view is are the gusts from the wind!
Wind in our country is a constant, always there, ever moving and blowing and running around the valley -- blowing things here and there -- the wind brings in moisture and then just as quickly, removes it from the ground! Never content, always dashing up and down the valley in and around and over the mountains.

If it is not blowing in the early 10 a.m. it will usually begin to blow.

I went up north to get some pictures of the cute little calves...but every time I focused the camera on them or their mothers they turned their heads. The mother cows took their babies away to "safety". We were in the Gater (4-wheeler), so I suppose that made noise and made them apprehensive for their calves. They are very protective of their little babies.

It is time for me to go collect eggs from my chickens and check their feed and water. I hope you all have a good day and are enjoying some good weather where ever you live!


  1. JE, All the pictures you post are painting worthy! Keep taking pics of your backyard - I love 'em! I'm entering the Lake Mary one in a national contest this weekend - we'll see how it goes!

  2. They are so cute. Like baby goats only bigger.