Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beautiful Day

First picture is of a wool ewe with her little wool lamb.
Second picture is a little "flock" of lambs.

It is a beautiful day here today! YAY!! The temperature is 60 degrees and it is wonderful! There are still snow drifts around the house but, for the most part, the snow is disappearing, fast. There is suppose to be some moisture moving in within the next few days...maybe it will be rain this time (yeah, sure).

Anyway, it is best to take each day as it comes and enjoy what you can. I have been busy sewing little and big Easter lambs and that was fun but rather crazy there for a few weeks. Each lamb/ewe takes a whole lot of little stitches to make them "just so".

I have put a new listing in my shop of size number 2 -- you can order the color of the lamb you want and the color of the bow.
This message was started on April 7th but had problems with the system and is being published on April 8th. The skies are rather cloudy at this time and it is in the 30's and cold!
We had another visit by a grizzly yesterday evening close to our home. I took a walk "out back" by St. Mary River with my dog, Boo-Boo...he left me at the river and found some good tracks to follow. I decided to go back by myself. On the way back through the brush, my mud boot caught on a root in the snow and then I slid on some mud...I ended up with my face in a pile of snow. I can say this has never happened to me before!
Later, when I heard that there was a bear in the area, and there I was face-down in the snow...well, I really had better not go on these walks back in the brush by myself.
......have a very good day today...........

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  1. Wow, I would have to agree that you shouldn't go on those walks int he brush alone. I'd love to keep you around for a long time!
    I love your wool Ewe. You do such a great job!