Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good NEWS!

The snow has stopped. It is now 41 degrees with a wind of 4 mph at almost noon today. Yay! The snow is melting...the drifts are going down...the sky is trying to turn blue...the sun is out!

Now, not to get hit on the head with a clump of snow when it comes cascading off the roofs! It is still hard to walk about, because the snow is still very deep.

Marvin was able to get in and out with true determination and CHAINS on his pickup tires. Frankly, I did not think he would be able to get out and then back in. What a guy! I am so going to keep him!

I am planning on going out again and see if there is a skunk in the hen house. The cats really smell of "skunk"...or maybe the dogs got into one. But the smell is in the air. I also noticed that some eggs were eaten yesterday in the quonset. That usually means a new skunk has taken up residence in the quonset. My cats have been very good about not eating eggs.

One time I was searching for eggs inside the hen house inside the quonset and I was running my hands under their nest area...there was something in there and it was not a chicken! YIKES! These little eyes in a little black face with a white stripe was staring back at me. There are times that I can move quite fast if I have to, and this was one of those times.

I really hate it when the skunk burrows under the chicken house and has it babies under there. I mean how convenient for the skunk. Fresh water daily, fresh feed, fresh eggs what else do they need. There is even mineral out.

The back part of the hen house where the egg boxes are located is rather dark, so I go in there kind-a blind and feel around...well, I use to do that, but now I am bringing in a small flash light to check them out BEFORE I put my hands in to feel for eggs.

For some reason I am very tired today. Well, it is time to take my old dog Kaina out for a walk and check on the "skunk" problem.

....everyone take care....hope you are well...


  1. I am glad the weather is turning for you...

    heh heh, my word verification is tests. Ironic, huh?

  2. I guess I will stop complaining about all of the rain here in Tenn. I hope Spring will come soon for you.

  3. Thank you, Judy, in Tennessee! The sun is out again today...wonderful! (5-02-09)