Friday, April 24, 2009

Grizzly tracks and Meadow Muffin

Meadow-Muffin with Judy
Meadow-Muffin with Marvin

Pretty Meadow-Muffin, Marvin raised her on a bottle since she lost her mom. So she is very attached to him. I fed her at times, too, so she is always looking for something from us when we are near.

Meadow-Muffin coming for a visit

Grizzly track with my heavy-duty mud boot
Track probablly measures about 12 inches

Nice clear track of the bear

The horses had a visitor yesterday afternoon...someone passing through their area...on the way back to the river and beyond.
My husband saw the bear out of the kitchen window and yelled for me to come see. He said my "bear" was back. Indeed. The bear stood on his hind legs when the horses came to see what was going on, then dropped down and went off into the back area to the river.
Our snow is melting today, the temps got upwards to 40 degrees. Will be good moisture. But to say I am tired of snow and winter is an understatement!
I was getting all excited about our lawn greening up when along comes this April snow and covers everthing with, in places, more than 18" of snow.
This is a brief post, I hope everyone's day is going well...take care and treat everyone with kindness.


  1. Meadow Muffin is so pretty. I love her white spot on her forehead.

  2. Wow Judy! That is the first time I have seen a Griz track. Thanks for sharing.

    We have been so lucky in Missoula and the snow storms are missing us. Just cold and rain.

  3. Hi Judy, I can not believe that you got 18" of snow! geez, you deserve a break! Wow, i would have loved to have seen that bear. Now that our snow is gone I can not tell if a bear has been around. Much harder for me to see tracks in earth that springs back to flat. Meadow-muffin sure has a lovely diamond on the forehead!

  4. Great pics, especially the griz track! You sure live a wild life up there!

  5. Found your site from our mutual friend at Gypsy Moon Designs. Wow! I thought I was remote in the foothills of Colorado. LOL I recently took a picture of a bear track (black bear) that was half the size of your grizz. Awesome! Meadow Muffin is adorable!