Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It just keeps a-coming!

Here are some pictures to depict the depth of the snow that swirled around and formed huge drifts. It is unreal, you can hardly get through the snow to walk anywhere. It is up to my hips in most places on the flat. Then there is the bare earth at places around the house. The bare spots are nice for our old dog, Kaina. She is nearly blind, deaf, and has trouble walking. She lives in our front heated porch. I have to take her out so she can follow me by smell so she doesn't get lost in the snow. Poor little girl! She is a blue heeler cross and has been a fierce protector of the ranch and her family (us)!
Some of the pictures were taken from our deck and you can see the depth of snow that swirled around the old house, which we use as storage. It needs to be torn down as part of it was already.
It is hard to see the depth of the snow from pictures. Marvin shovelled 3 feet of snow off the deck, this is the probably the third time it has been shovelled off ! It is in the 20's with the wind makes it quite cold.
This is suppose to continue until 6a.m. on Thursday! or did they change that to Friday!
I hope where ever you are you are safe!

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  1. Oooh, yuck! We don't have THAT much but we did get some down here. I hope it clears soon for you.