Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The wind is from the WEST!

Where is that darn door to the chickens???

Marvelous Marvin shovelling out the door to the chickens. East side of quonset. The worst side to be on at any outbuilding during this storm.

Marvin between our home and the old house!

Judy and Boo-Boo (Anatolian dog)

Here are a few more pictures to try to show how deep the snow is in around our home. The drifts are now being blown around by the west wind and they seem to be getting smaller in places!

Where is all this snow going to go???? We live right off a channel of water, beaver ponds, and the St. Mary River...we may be roaring with water if the 60 degrees they are forecasting for this weekend materializes! JOY! Get the sandbags!

With this storm the snow pack in the mountains should be good...I would think, hope.

My rain gear is coming in handy with the deep snow. Pop on my rain pants and nothing gets wet and the wind does not get through! All right, that works really well.

Take care everyone! Stay safe and be good to each other!

I am feeding all the wild birds with my chicken feed. They love going in the quonset...I just wish they would not poop all over everything. Those darn starlings are everywhere! I am just glad that I just got more feed!

As Marvin and I were walking in the backyard by the channel of water, two Blue Heron flew up from the water...such a joy to see...could not get my camera out fast enough. They took off and went to rest in the trees by the horses across the channel. It is fun to be this close to water until a person thinks of flooding! Always something to be concerned about!


  1. I can't believe the snow is that deep at the END of April. I mowed my grass for the second time this week, it's been so wet and warm...

  2. I"m in Arizona and I just love your blog! Montana is one of my favorite places, especially up by Glacier Park.
    (PS I grew up in Evanston, IL and my husband is from Bozeman, MT)

  3. Hello to you, Parkside Harmony! Evanston was the closest hospital at the time I was born. We were living in Hubbard Woods. I grew up in Lake Zurich, Illinois -- then moved to Montana -- and this is where I want to be!

    Take care! Arizona has wonderful areas to visit, such a totally different environment and beauty!

    Judy Elizabeth