Sunday, May 3, 2009

Boy! Do the Anatolians smell bad this morning!

The skunk has struck! I heard all this barking last night from the Anatolian guard dogs -- Turk, Feather, and Boo-B00 and wondered what on earth was happening out there.

Well, this morning I knew the answer. Wow, Turk and Boo smell awful. And both want to "cuddle" and be petted. So, now I don't know if the skunk "bit the dirt" or he just sprayed both of my male dogs in the face (Boo smells bad all over) and scurried away! I went into the chicken area and rattled the tarp on the wood pile. Cautiously peeked into the wood pile and in the chicken house and in the spare tire the chickens love to lay their eggs in. Nothing, as yet.

Boo does not seem very concerned that he reeks, he is out laying on the deck in the sun or in the temporary housing I built by our home in the front area. Since his kennel and house were buried with snow, I built him a temporary quarters with sheep panels, tarps, tie downs, and fresh straw. I tried to drag him into the front porch -- no way would he even put his nose in. Then, I worried he would not go into my new construction. However, he loves it! And relaxes in there during the day and whenever he wants to take a nap. He found it on his own after I built it. I do love Boo! He is a very smart dog.

Each day we see more and more of the ground. The snow is crusted and there is slop below.

I had better close this, there is always something to do -- I have orders to fill and my bread is about done rising and needs to be popped into the oven.

...sunny days to everyone!...happy may!

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