Monday, May 11, 2009

The day after Mother's Day

It is the day after Mother's Day. I hope everyone that reads this had a good day yesterday. I was kind-a down in the dumps yesterday. My sweet Mom passed away in 1977 from cancer, she was only 61. Then you hear of other Moms that are not feeling very well, it makes me sad.

In the past few years, or so it seems, I have been either having close encounters with Grizzly bears or at least see them close by. No sightings yesterday. But this morning my husband called for me to come and see something. There was a sow and her cub right out back of our home by the creek. Our dogs were going crazy. I will not be going walking beyond the little creek.

So, my walks will be very limited, it seems wherever I have loved to walk before the bears are now!

But getting back to yesterday. We are calving on our ranch, so everyone is very busy tending the cattle and little calves. I was home alone, doing some sewing and a few other things. I decided to make myself some fried chicken -- how I love fried chicken! I bread it just so and it is delicious -- so much better than eating out. I totally enjoyed the chicken, pears, and boiled potatoes!

This is short, but I have some lambs to finish up on! Everyone take care.


  1. I live in Tennessee and the country side is dotted with lots of little calves.
    One morning I was bringing my son and his friends to their soccer game and right by the road in the pasture there was a cow giving birth, the boys thought it was the most disgusting thing they ever saw. Me, I wanted to stop and watch!

  2. So glad you enjoyed a wonderful meal for Mother's day.
    Yes it is sad when folks do not feel well!
    Wow more grizzlies... amazing that you see so many!

  3. Did you get a copy of that email going around about the largest grizzly on record killed in Alaska after it had already eaten (at least) one hiker? He was 1800 pounds.

  4. Matt, no, I did not! YIKES! We just had a grizzly right smack in our "yard" this a.m. the dogs cornered him/her by the quonset where my chickens "live"...then the bear stood up...I thought it was small before that...the dogs put the run on him/her!