Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Saw the SKUNK!

...Okay, I have now visually confirmed there is a skunk in the chicken coup (quonset)! I was in the quonset (40' x 100') checking for eggs -- 'cause the girls (hens) lay eggs here and there trying to hide them from me! Anyway, I was pulling the tarp up and over the stack of lumber in the quonset so the chickens would not have poop all over them. The rattling of the tarp must have scared the ran out right in front of me! YIKES! It is a big skunk as skunks go...not a little baby skunk...but a very BIG skunk.

I don't know who was startled the most, me or the skunk. It scurried off...and I scurried off -- I do not want to be sprayed by a skunk!

We have this rather tough black cat, he does not like "strangers" in his territory. He is all black except for his white boots, white spot on his chest! He was the one that smelled of skunk, I would imagine that he let the skunk know that he was in his territory! He is not a very big cat either, but Tough!

We have four cats that are all neutured male cats -- the black cat, and 3 orange males. We also have one female cat, Yowler. For some reason, I have not named the cats (except for Yowler). In the past when I named my favorite cats, it seemed something happened to them. However, they have been with us, outside, for some more than 10 years. They are well-fed and live in the quonset or the barn. They also "live" on my back deck. They have little beds out there and a bench they love to sun themselves on. And, of course, they like to be close to me and the back door. Treats come out that back door. They also hunt for mice in the haystacks.

It is rather humorous when I go for a walk-about there is this string of cats with their tails high in the air following me, along with my dogs.

We have one little kitten that lives with Boo-Boo in his kennel area. Boo pretends he is tough with the kitten, by barking at it. But the truth is the kitten sleeps with him and enjoys his food and beverages! Boo-Boo is an Anatolian Shepherd that is mentioned many times in my posts. He is my puppy/dog. He is a year old and getting bigger. Boo does not like Yowler, her name tells it all. She is very snarly with Boo and therefore Boo does not like her. Actually, Yowler is snarly with most every animal.

Yowler is quite old, we have never been able to get her to a vet to be spayed -- therefore she does have kittens which we find homes for on other ranches. Yowler is a very good mouser. She was so disruptive to all the other cats that we found other homes for her in the past. However, Yowler, always comes home. She traveled from the first placement approximately 20 miles; the second placement was probably 40 as the crow flys. Well, when she came home the last time, I knew we just had to put up with her outbursts. I will hold her and pet her and she is so very happy -- but, beware, if something disturbs her -- she becomes a fighting machine...and I may be in the way of the flying claws! Her yowl when she is mad is something else, it un-nerves a person -- therefore her name, Yowler!

We have one of her brothers and he is independent by certainly does not have a temperment such as she does. Two of the other cats are her kittens from many years ago.

I am very allergic to cat hair when inside. For some reason, as long as I do not touch my tear ducts or get any of their hair close to my face, I can be with them outside. But, if I go visit someones home and they have a cat living in there -- my lungs go crazy, my eyes itch like crazy, my face gets red...well, it is not a pretty sight nor can I breath very well. So no cats reside in my home.

It was a cold night so everything froze and there was frost on the vehicles. I think this is good because the snow will not all melt at once and cause too much water flowing at one time. There are frozen puddles outside and it is 10:30 a.m. here by the mountains.

....well, I better end this and get on to my chores..........enjoy your day!

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  1. Oooh, we have a skunk around here sometimes too. It goes under the shed. P.U.
    I guess now that we have chickens we will have to really watch out...