Sunday, May 3, 2009

Now for some good smells!

French bread hot out of the oven!

Miniature orchids -- most orchids that I have had did not have an odor, however, the light colored one does -- very delicate and sweet.

This is a Hoya bud and at the end by the leaf the little spur or stubs of the plant that the bud/bloom comes from ...never take these off, they form the bud/bloom year after year.

A Hoya Bloom, very sweet smell and sticky they drip! Also called the wax plant, the flower appears to be made of wax.

I planted some cosmos seeds in my poinsettia and they grew about a foot or more and then are blooming. What fun. This delicate flower would probably blow away if planted outside in the summer.

At one time I had so many plants, my living room was like a conservatory! My son and a friend built me a pond 3' x 5' with a fountain! What fun, I had with all my wonderful plants and flowers! I found out that the only way to really have any green in Montana because of the long winter seasons, was to grow plants inside. The sun from the windows made them huge. Some plants loved the east and north exposure. I had mega plant books and plants! What a total joy it was to see them grow huge. However, as I became busier with my job and did not have winters off, my plants began to suffer.

One day, I began calling friends and asked if they wanted any of my plants. They had to come right away before I changed my mind. I did keep my tree, but after so many years, it finally started to die out. I also kept my Hoya.

The Hoya came into my life in the 1970's. I never was a plant lover because of my allergies. I enjoyed looking at flowers and such but never really wanted to grow any. A long came a neighbor and wanted me to plant sit their Hoya. Gads, the thing looked awful. It was housed in an old rusty coffee can and was all stiff looking. Well, I kept this thing in the living room of my old home and it sat there in it's rusty coffee can and did nothing! No growth, no blooms -- nothing. The neighbors came back and said they did not want it back -- that I could "keep" it! Wow, I was very pleased -- so not! I thought what the heck, let's get it out of that rusty coffee can and into a nice pot. Long story short it began to grow and put out new leaves. However, I decided to buy some plant books. I found out that a Hoya likes to be pot-bound or it won't bloom. It can take upwards to 7 years or some such for it to bloom...gasp! Anyway, the plant likes a north or east window and it thrived. Finally, it did bloom -- I found these funny little plastic-looking pink things stuck to my rug and wondered what the kids had been into. They declined to take responsibility for the little pile of sticky mess. I looked the plant over and glory be! was putting out blooms after 7 years. So, this mama plant thrived and bloomed its heart out...until one of it's very long vines came to rest upon an open bag of potatoes that were sitting on the floor in the kitchen. I had noticed that the potatoes had some kind of white fuzzy things on them. Well, they took over my wonderful (by now, I had become very attached to this darn plant) Hoya and were destroying it! I tried everything I could find to "do-in" the mealy bugs, but nothing worked. So, I decided to take a small cutting off the Hoya and throw away a plant that had been with me for over 20 years! Awful! But the cutting rooted in water and now is a big plant in the east window and is blooming profusely every single year in the spring. I mean to tell you that sweet smell can knock you off your feet in the morning. The plant is covered with blooms. And, is so pot bound, that I worry about it.

Another good smell is the smell of bread baking! Yum, just took the French bread out of the oven! It is called the Best French Bread recipe! It is so very easy to make! Most of the work is done in the bread maker, then when the dough is just so, I take it out of the bread machine and roll it into a wonderful loaf! Just finished eating some!, I really must get some other things done!

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  1. My orchid hasn't bloomed this year. Yours are lovely!

    Judy I awarded your blog the friend award! You can see what I mean over on my blog! I am glad to have you as a friend. : )