Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Watching the Waterways!

This is the canal and at this point it goes under the Kennedy Creek. The canal is to the west of us.

This is Kennedy Creek which joins up with the Saint Mary River which runs behind our corrals. Kennedy is to the north of us.

In the distance up against the hills is our ranch with Kennedy to the left in the picture. (Saint Mary River runs along the back tree line by the bottom of the hills.)

Kennedy Creek

This time of year we think of flooding or the possibility of flooding. Our home place is located in a flood plain. We are rather surrounded with water of some sort or another. And if the snow melt is hastened by a lot of rain, things could get rough or really wet -- fast!
Yesterday my husband called for me to come to the front door of our home. "Listen to the creek," he said. You could hear it roaring down to the Saint Mary River which is behind our home. The canal runs under Kennedy Creek and then comes back up to go between meadows and drops down by Camp Nine Road and travels on its way to Malta, Montana.
And so our thoughts turn to the "what ifs" of the waterways each year at this time. We were in the flood of 1975 when Kennedy took out the bridge over highway 89 cutting off traffic. Highway 89 is the only road from the Canadian Border on down to Babb and on south. We evacuated our home place and went to higher ground during that flood. For us to get back to the ranch we had to travel the canal bank east and drive over planks where other bridges were out then come in from Browning and back to the ranch. Browning is 45 miles from our home place plus the miles it took to get to Browning. That was a year of adventures to be sure.
Our trees and bushes are way behind. I hear tell that lilacs are blooming in other places...our bushes are just getting leaves (I hope). The clumps of quakes (aspen trees) usually are budded out by now or have a very good start. Not this year.
Our grass around our home is actually needing mowing just from the rain the other day.
...I did see Shooting Stars the other day! They are always so lovely to see!
....take care....

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  1. I hope the water stays at reasonable levels. We lived in a salt marsh in NJ that flooded every full moon on the high tide. We had to park our cars up the road on the bridge. It was a pain in the tail but the scenery was outstanding...