Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is all the RUCKUS about!!!

...that is what I was yelling this morning about 0630 hours...the dogs were just going crazy outside my window by the quonset! What the heck was the problem! I got up to look out the window and there was a grizzly...totally too close to the house...right by the quonset with the dogs barking at him -- very up close and personal they were. The bear ran a-ways and stood first I thought that is not such a very big bear...but when it stood up, well, I had to rethink my analysis of the situation. This looked like a total disaster -- milk cows, calves, little bull right by the grizzly. Grizzly rearing up with it's arms in the air! The milk cows were going wild and as were the calves. My old Anatolian was struggling to stay on her feet and still go after the bear. Turk, Anatolian, was right in there with the bear. The bear decided to go west and then north over to the Kennedy Creek area! Dogs in pursuit.
This is one of the few pictures I could get of the bear going down our ranch road. This was taken from my front yead, 'cause I did not know which way the bear was going to go. Darn camera does not take closer pictures. The bear was a grizzly and rather cinnamon in color. The bear did not appear to be too old. Might have just been weaned and was confused as to where it should be!
How it got this close to our home is a mystery at this point. There was fresh snow on the ground and my husband and I looked for tracks coming from the back by the creeks and waterways. Could not find any. It may have come down the road...won't ever really know for sure.
After the bear left, I went out to the quonset and saw all the scuffle marks from the bear -- it looked as if the bear went into the heavy mesh wire that closes off the northwest side of our quonset (Mr. Wind blew the doors off many years ago and wrapped them around the semi truck that was parked near...whole 'nother story). I called for my hens that live in the quonset...not a sound could be heard. Finally found them all huddled in the extreme east side of the quonset, making little sounds to each other. Such drama so early in the morning. I notice I have less eggs today...
During all this bear/dog/chicken stuff I was yelling for my husband who I thought had gone out to milk. But since I saw the milk cows dashing wildly around the corral area from the bear, I knew he was not milking in the barn. When all the excitement was over I went back to the house. I now was worried that perhaps an older bear (bigger) might have gotten Marvin because we had seen a pair just a day ago. Then I saw Marv walking toward the quonset from the northeast. He never heard me, the dogs, nor saw the bear. He had been walking back
"behind"by the creek area and did not know there was a bear or anything going on. (A few years back, Marv had been walking back in the trees by the creek when he heard a clacking sound...there was this BIG grizzly clacking it's jaws together! Now, that is a YIKES! They both decided to go a different way!)
...and so that is how my day started out! Rather a jump-start to the daily activities! Nothing like a little adrenalin pumping through your body in the early a.m.
...and so another day is coming to an end........hey! It is almost the Queen's Birthday in Canada and that means that the Chief Mountain Port of Entry will open this Friday the 15th for the season...does that mean it is summer. I hear tell that the snow up on the Chief Mountain Highway is very HIGH...plowed and open (?) but the sides of the roads tell a different story (so I am told). It seems in the past, the snow was a common occurance on the Queen's Birthday (Queen Victoria Day in Canada). all you Canadians....hello and have a good Holiday weekend! Drive safe!


  1. Whoa, big excitement. Excitement I suspect you don't need, eh? Good he ran away!

  2. What a way to start your morning! At first when I saw the picture I thought it was the beach and the snow was sand. We are in summer mode here in Tenn. so I forget it is not like that everywhere!

  3. WOW! My mornings aren't nearly that exciting.