Friday, July 31, 2009

What is that crop??

This is Jason's pride and joy -- his crop of Sainfoin (a forage legume) that he seeded up north and this is the second year of the crop. This will feed our cattle this winter. It looks a little like alfalfa -- fact is I thought it was a type of alfalfa until I was told otherwise. Sainfoin is a crop that will not give your livestock bloat (which can kill livestock). Sainfoin has good drought tolerance and is extremely winterhardy. It is also good on dryland (which is what we have -- no irrigation on our crops).
I love the pink blooms and the lovely green stems. We have alfalfa down at our home place and it has a lovely purple bloom with some white and yellow here and there.
It was a beautiful field to see growing and blooming. It is baled into hay bales now to be stacked and ready for winter feeding.
I have included a picture of our son, Jason, standing on our old (we did buy it new) Hesston swather that keeps going (I sure hope it keeps going, who can afford a new one)! Jason keeps the swather going -- and going and going...
We all wish we had more fields of this lovely legume to bale up.
Have a great day..........we have had rain, so it is nice and green here by the mountains. Rather cool today, which is also a joy! We are extremely late in our growing season for our planted crops this year. And, our peonies are just blooming...or finishing blooming!
Enjoy your life, family and friends.............

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where are those bee hives???

...this little visitor came back to finish off the bee hives that he/she had already torn into. The hives were in a corral area by the creek (which is very close to our home). This young black bear was probably on it's own for the first time and found the hives and tasted the honey and decided to come back for more. The hives were moved to a safer place.
We have many bears in our area and they especially like to roam by the river and creeks. Bear tracks can be seen on the sandy part of the bank back by the river most any day.
...My son took this picture when the bear was trying to peer over the tall grass in the corral area to see who was there and if it was "safe" to come eat the honey.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tubin' the River

Boo-Boo by the river
where we "put-in"
to float down...
second picture is
the river to south

Bear tracks on the
sand on beach small
bear tracks....

The "pond" out back
of the house by the
river.... was a little overcast and not too warm but we decided to tube the River!.. I was dubious and did not know if I wanted to put my aging body on an inner tube at this point in my life...not to mention that the water is extremely cold, I mean really truly cold! But, everyone else was going...I kinda pondered it for a while and thought...what the heck, live each day to the fullest (and try not to get broken in the pursuit of "happiness").

...the tubes were repaired and all was at the ready. Walk back to the River...still had a chance to "pull out" of the fun! Tube in the water, daughter-in-law holding the tube so I could get on and then she gave me a push into the current (too late to turn back)...oh-my-gosh (and other superlatives) and shouts/screams as my bottom hit the cold water. Actually, I scared my dog, Boo-Boo and I think, at this point, he ran back to the house.

..well, I was underway...this was not so bad -- actually it was has been a few years since I have done this. We spent many summers floating the river out back of the house. It was always such fun. There were times when I would tube the river with my Anatolian Burak before I went to work in the afternoon...very refreshing...then walk back to the ranch. Of course, I was much younger, weighed less, and all my limbs worked!

I think this would be a good exercise for the flappy underarms...hmmmm...after a while the cold is not so cold and all that nonsense is forgotten as you paddle your arms and hands in the water trying to stay with the current and away from the shore.

It was really too much fun...a forgotten fun perhaps of years past when we did it with the children and friends and family. I actually would have been willing to go "again"...

I will add some pictures that I had taken the other day at the river. I never know where the photos are going to load and how they will assimilate into my narrative. I have to take some Bloggin' lessons. So hang in there with me about my photo inserts...I usually just put them in at the beginning and hope for the best.

Happy Sunday to all...........

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cousin Mary Frances comes for a visit!!

Annie Oakley AKA Mary Frances
(She's harmless folks, these are all
black power and unloaded!)
Still did not have her
"riding legs" together!

The Magnificent Four!

Annie AKA Mary Frances
on Butterscotch

Move 'em up!

The blue speck in the background is
Mary Frances

Mary's bear (the brown speck in the grass)

Trip on Waterton lakes
travel on the International

ah...a wonderful shot towards
Yellow Mountain

Looking towards Chief
we were way up on top
of a high hill

Looking towards Camp Nine

...This is a ode to my wonderful cousin, Mary Frances, who came for a ranch visit! Boy, did we have fun with Mary. She got to do everything and then some. Mary helped herd cattle and move them to a summer pasture.
The weather was beautiful -- not too hot and not too cold. Mary and I had a great day on the four wheeler. We went to the top of two really high hills on our property and could see all over the valley. These are views we tend to take for granted until we have the pleasure to show them to friends or family and then are awed by the grandeur that lays before us! To exclaim, Wow, is an understatement of the beauty that surrounds us every day.
Mary arrived on the 30th -- but getting to and from the airport is an all-day trip! But from the next day until she had to leave -- the days were packed with fun things to do.
I think Mary enjoyed the ride and rounding up and moving the cattle the most. There is such a camaraderie between all that participate. Everyone has a good time.
Our trip to Waterton Lakes, Alberta, Canada was a little wet, but the rain made everything so lush at Goat Haunt and the townsite of Waterton that it was worth it! If you ever have the chance, take the drive up the Chief Mountain Highway (17) to the Waterton Townsite -- it is such a beautiful jewel nestled in the Rocky Mountains. And an absolute must is the boat cruise on the International Ferry which can seat 200! You can ride on top or down below. It is a wonderful trip down the beautiful Waterton Lakes to Goat Haunt, Montana. The trip is narrated and is a total joy. You have about a half hour to walk to the Rangers Station at Goat Haunt before you have to walk back to board the boat for your journey back to the townsite. If you go any further than the Ranger Station you will have to have the proper documents and go through US Customs and Border Protection inspection. You can take day hikes and catch a later boat after your hike. The shops and resturants in Waterton townsite are fun to visit. And your visit cannot be complete without some delicious icecream in a homemade cone at the icecream shop. Take your cone and sit on the shore of Waterton Lake and just enjoy the day!
Mary Frances only had a little more than a week and this is just not enough time to show our visitors all that our wonderful area has to offer. We were able to drive through Going-to-the-Sun Highway (Logan's Pass) and visit places we have visited on previous trips together. It was a glorious day. It is best to get a very early start in order to (perhaps) see wildlife and to beat the traffic. When you get on the west side be sure to stop at Lake McDonald and put your toes in the water...skip a few rocks/stones and just enjoy your day!
Mary has not seen bears on her previous visits, but we were able to see a bear up Many Glacier Road when it was near dark. So, my picture is rather dark, but the bear was very close to the road. Then each day when Mary was here someone would come and say...oh my gosh I just saw a grizzly and two cubs...I just saw a cub...I just saw a .... at least Mary got to see one bear!
While we were back on the sand by St. Mary River, we found a small bear track, rather fresh, I might add.
...and so I end this post with a great big thank you to Mary Frances who came to visit and was such a total joy to have (she also cut the grass and pulled weeds!!!) and to share time with and to share all the beauty of our area with and to bring back the wonder of why we live here and love it! Thanks, Mary Frances, we totally love you and want you back -- real sooooon!
...all your cousins in Montana...we miss you so much!!!