Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tubin' the River

Boo-Boo by the river
where we "put-in"
to float down...
second picture is
the river to south

Bear tracks on the
sand on beach small
bear tracks....

The "pond" out back
of the house by the
river.... was a little overcast and not too warm but we decided to tube the River!.. I was dubious and did not know if I wanted to put my aging body on an inner tube at this point in my life...not to mention that the water is extremely cold, I mean really truly cold! But, everyone else was going...I kinda pondered it for a while and thought...what the heck, live each day to the fullest (and try not to get broken in the pursuit of "happiness").

...the tubes were repaired and all was at the ready. Walk back to the River...still had a chance to "pull out" of the fun! Tube in the water, daughter-in-law holding the tube so I could get on and then she gave me a push into the current (too late to turn back)...oh-my-gosh (and other superlatives) and shouts/screams as my bottom hit the cold water. Actually, I scared my dog, Boo-Boo and I think, at this point, he ran back to the house.

..well, I was underway...this was not so bad -- actually it was has been a few years since I have done this. We spent many summers floating the river out back of the house. It was always such fun. There were times when I would tube the river with my Anatolian Burak before I went to work in the afternoon...very refreshing...then walk back to the ranch. Of course, I was much younger, weighed less, and all my limbs worked!

I think this would be a good exercise for the flappy underarms...hmmmm...after a while the cold is not so cold and all that nonsense is forgotten as you paddle your arms and hands in the water trying to stay with the current and away from the shore.

It was really too much fun...a forgotten fun perhaps of years past when we did it with the children and friends and family. I actually would have been willing to go "again"...

I will add some pictures that I had taken the other day at the river. I never know where the photos are going to load and how they will assimilate into my narrative. I have to take some Bloggin' lessons. So hang in there with me about my photo inserts...I usually just put them in at the beginning and hope for the best.

Happy Sunday to all...........


  1. I love you Judy!!! You know how to make everyone smile.
    I remember having some great times tubing that same river, in probably the same spot. ;)

  2. sounds like you had a wonderful day and your photos are great!

    I have been on the road a few days, drove down to the Butte Folk Festival and was going to head north to Many Glacier, but with the forecast of rain rain rain... maybe I will head home and do it another time-soon.
    Take care,