Friday, July 31, 2009

What is that crop??

This is Jason's pride and joy -- his crop of Sainfoin (a forage legume) that he seeded up north and this is the second year of the crop. This will feed our cattle this winter. It looks a little like alfalfa -- fact is I thought it was a type of alfalfa until I was told otherwise. Sainfoin is a crop that will not give your livestock bloat (which can kill livestock). Sainfoin has good drought tolerance and is extremely winterhardy. It is also good on dryland (which is what we have -- no irrigation on our crops).
I love the pink blooms and the lovely green stems. We have alfalfa down at our home place and it has a lovely purple bloom with some white and yellow here and there.
It was a beautiful field to see growing and blooming. It is baled into hay bales now to be stacked and ready for winter feeding.
I have included a picture of our son, Jason, standing on our old (we did buy it new) Hesston swather that keeps going (I sure hope it keeps going, who can afford a new one)! Jason keeps the swather going -- and going and going...
We all wish we had more fields of this lovely legume to bale up.
Have a great day..........we have had rain, so it is nice and green here by the mountains. Rather cool today, which is also a joy! We are extremely late in our growing season for our planted crops this year. And, our peonies are just blooming...or finishing blooming!
Enjoy your life, family and friends.............


  1. I am sure the goats would love to be grazing in that field!

  2. Such a beauteous crop! Very cool that it does not need watering. And it does not bloat critters, sounds perfect to me.