Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where are those bee hives???

...this little visitor came back to finish off the bee hives that he/she had already torn into. The hives were in a corral area by the creek (which is very close to our home). This young black bear was probably on it's own for the first time and found the hives and tasted the honey and decided to come back for more. The hives were moved to a safer place.
We have many bears in our area and they especially like to roam by the river and creeks. Bear tracks can be seen on the sandy part of the bank back by the river most any day.
...My son took this picture when the bear was trying to peer over the tall grass in the corral area to see who was there and if it was "safe" to come eat the honey.


  1. Wow, I know that is a common site for you but it would sure scare the poop out of me!

  2. The bears come up to eat in the neighbor's orchard but we haven't seen one since our first year here. The hubby saw a mountain lion on the road on his way home. THAT was a sight.

  3. oh my my, so there is the little hive destroyer! I always try to imagine what it will be like when I come across a bear in the wilds. You do not have to imagine!

    I hope your knee is not bothering you!