Thursday, August 13, 2009

Going to "town" over the park pass

Going to "town" for us in the summer means we will travel Logan Pass or as it is also called, "Going-to-the-Sun Highway". We travel over the absolutely beautiful pass to Kalispell to see doctors and to shop. It saves us 60 miles or thereabouts in travel. And you can drive slow and enjoy the sights.
Being summer and the need for so much repair on this historic highway, construction stops allow for some good pictures. The pictures of the, as I call them, mystic clouds down in the lower valleys of the Pass which are following the river down below! These were early morning shots -- we hit the pass at about 6:30 a.m. and came home around 4 p.m. The middle picture was taken on a construction stop on the way back. Going over we had only one stop and coming back we had three different stops.
Today, in our valley at the ranch, it is in the 50's and overcast! A good day to bake bread, make hot meals and create!
Everyone have a wonderful day and if I don't post anymore this week -- a great weekend!


  1. What a blessing to spend some time in such a breathtaking landscape!

  2. Oh my, how heavenly to be able to travel over that on a regular basis.

  3. Hello Judy,
    These photos are wonderful, truly you have captured the spirit of the land as well as it's beauty!

  4. JE,
    As always, I appreciate the photos. The clouds above and below are stunning.