Saturday, August 8, 2009

Haying Time on the Ranch

Haying time on the ranch -- one of the most important parts of ranching -- bringing in the hay crop to feed the livestock during the winter months.
The first picture is of a bunch (alfalfa grows in a bunch) of alfalfa or a single plant of alfalfa. I love these colors together. Some of the alfalfa is two-toned -- a purple and a lavender blooming on the same bunch or plant. Some is yellow or white blooming in another plant of alfalfa.
There is a picture of our front meadow that is at the home place and visible out of our windows. The other pictures are of my dog, Boo-Boo smelling a bunch of sage which grows wild all over and smells delicious!
At this time of year, our biggest concern is getting in the crops -- swathing (cutting), baling, and bringing the bales of hay into a stackyard where the hay will be stored until it is time to feed during the winter months.
So far, August has been wet and cool...being wet makes it hard to do the haying but the rain is wonderful for the meadows that are grazed by the livestock, the trees, and the entire area here by the mountains. Usually, at this time of year, the grass is turning brown from lack of moisture -- so it is wonderful to still see the green grasses.
After a rain, it is so very delightful to drive through Glacier National Park over the Pass (Logan Pass or Going-to-the-Sun Highway). You can smell the pine and all the vegetation is freshly moist with the rains! So very joyful.
I had better end this and check on my new young hens and my older hens. Boo-Boo gets his time to run about and then he goes back to his kennel area so I can let the hens out and they can catch the too many grasshoppers that are everywhere this year. When I let the hens out, I watch the skies for hawks and birds of prey. I have had Anatolians that did not bother my hens as they ran freely about the ranch area, but my two Anatolians that I have now can not be trusted to not snack on my hens!
Everyone have a wonderful is sunny here today and a beautiful day.

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