Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Little Up and Coming Hens!

I went out to sit with my little hens and thought I would take some pictures so you can see how varied their colors are. I have 24 Ameraucana and four Barred Plymouth Rocks plus five Buff Opingtons.
The gray hen is a "blue" Ameraucana and I love the look of the all white Ameraucana. The Ameraucana hens lay "brown" eggs but they come out in blues and greens and maybe a "brown" pink egg. The Ameraucana develope a "fluff" of feathers on each side of their faces. A true Aracuna has no tail to speak of but look very similar to the Ameraucanas! The eggs from the Ameraucana have very hardy shells.
These little hens were born June 16th of this year and still have some growing to do before I release them to join the older hens that I have now.
Ameraucanas come in all colors and the wide variety of colors you see in the pictures are the Ameraucanas. They seem to be very hardy for our cold climate here by the mountains. I have had Barred Plymouth Rocks before and they are very docile chickens and also seem to be hardy for our climate. I have always enjoyed the Buff Ophingtons, because they, too, are gentle and hardy and live a long life.
Many years ago we purchased Red Leghorns and they were the meanest chickens ever. They picked at each other and if you reached in to get their eggs, they drew blood on your hand!


  1. I love the second photo. Our blue Anadlusian is growing right along. He is the king of the flock. They are very funny birds.

  2. Patty, I looked up your Anadlusian chickens and they are very pretty! What are their eggs like???