Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mountains and ramblings

These are some pictures I took while traveling over Going-to-the-Sun Highway (Logan's Pass) on Thursday, September 17th. Most were taken while stopping for the construction sites along the way.
The trees are just changing for the fall so it is sad that the Pass will close after this Sunday, September 20th. The closure will be after Logan Pass on the East side of the Park. Most of the current construction is over the top on the West going down. I am told paving will begin on the road that is gravel now. It must be very hard for the construction crew to stop for the traffic so I would imagine this will speed up the repairs considerably with the closure. A traveler can access the top of Logan Pass from the East side (18 miles up) and this will remain open until sometime in October, weather permitting. I think the West side will be open to the Trail of the Cedars area. Best to check with the Park Service for closures, times and dates.
The top pictures are of the beautiful Sun Rift Gorge. I was excited to be able to climb up the short distance to the gorge with my new knee on Thursday. I was very careful and my wonderful husband helped me to be sure I did not trip or fall. No can fall with the new knee!!
My knee is getting better as the days go by. It was a rough three weeks. Meds made me very ill and the pain in my knee at night did not allow any sleep. My leg has almost returned to a normal size and color. The swelling is pretty well all gone. I am going up and down stairs and walking about the ranch area. I still tire easily, am doing my exercises. I have to set up appointments with a physical therapist. More traveling, driving in a car has become almost impossible since my restless legs have returned with a vengeance -- especially in my leg with the new knee.
Have a great weekend. No new pictures on Jason and Kara's building project -- nothing new to report.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Enclosing the house and traveling across Logan

Busy closing in Jason and Kara's new home/garage! The winds are a-coming!
Drove across Logan Pass today to go to the doctor' was a beautiful day with quite a few construction stops on Logan. I took the pictures of the "boys" Mountain Sheep at the top of Logan this morning. This little group has been dashing across the road seems each time we come across.
The second picture is of the mountain by my favorite comfort station!!!!
I am exhausted from the trip so I will end this post.........take care!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Is that a Roof I see!!!

I took these pictures on September 5th. The roof is going up! The last picture is from the front of the home/garage. Next is from the south side of the building. And the other two pictures are from the back of building.
They will live above the garage. The building is 30 feet by 40 feet.
It is so exciting to see Jason and Kara's home going up. Lots to do for sure, but it is Happening!!!
The veiws from this site are wonderful. Don't know how the wind will be from this site, though!
It appears to be getting fall here by the mountains. Had a little rain last night. Still trying to get the haying done. Always equipment repairs, it seems! So important to get the crops in for winter feed.
In the summer the sun is up before 4 am and goes down around 10pm...well, it is dark at 6am and getting dark by 9pm...darn, I sure enjoy all that light. Pretty soon it will be dark so early and gloomy in the morning.
Hope you are all having a good Labor Day Holiday! Drive safely if you are traveling!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Total Knee Replacement!

"I didn't wanna do it...I didn't wanno do it"...and so it goes...However, my left knee gave out a few months ago and it was time to do the Total Knee Replacement! Arrrrgh! Right up to the last minute when I was being "snuggled" into the pre-op bed and the tubes were being inserted, I thought, I still have time to stop this, there still is time! But then I remembered the problems with the knee pain and it giving out and there was no trust left in "what was left of the knee parts" on my left leg.
Woe-is-me!!... and so I put my trust into the hands of the surgical team and next thing I know I am trying to wake up in my room. The pain meds made me very ill, different ones were tried. I especially like it when you say you are nauseated and they suggest you eat a dry saltine in a very dry mouth with urges to throwup. So, being a good trooper I try and chew the turns to some kind of solid goo lodged against my teeth. Try not to cough, who knows what may hurt. Drink the hospital water. The cracker does not work. Try a little yogart -- does yogart really taste that way??? I was told to drink water, then I was told to not drink water if it was making me throw up -- team, we have to get together if we want this to work. New pain meds were tried -- also shots in the IV to stop the nausea, yikes. Nausea. One night there was the passive exercise machine on the knee surgery, something wrapped around my good leg so as not to get blood clots, an IV that was swelling up my arm and setting off the alarms, the oxygen in my nose and then my nerve pinched on my right side -- the only good side I had left! I thought I would not make it. The nurses propped pillows up against my right back and hips and tipped me over to the left -- yup, off went the alarm on my IV...
The beds are something else! I had Marvin go out and purchase a foam mattress topper for a twin bed -- WOW, what a difference that made. Wish I had thought of that first thing. So, don't leave your foam topper at home.
My husband was allowed to stay in the room with me which made it a whole lot nicer -- not for him, but for me.
Physical therapists helped me with the exercise routine, had me up and walking -- they were very nice and great to work with.
For the most part the nurses and certified nurses aides took very good care of me. I just wish they knew what to do about taking the pain meds. I was given pain meds for the trip home. By the time we got to Logan Pass I was extremely nauseated and wondered how on earth I would do going across the pass with all the delays.
We made it home...yes, home!
I was given pain med prescriptions to take home. The pharmacy put these lovely instructions on the pills -- take with MILK or FOOD. How very simple Milk...I love milk, milk loves me. I could have been taking milk with the pills. Once I started this, no more nausea!
Had some very wild dreams while in the hospital and when I got home. Keeping the swelling down is a problem.
Had a very hard time with my intestinal track! Need better plans in the hospital to keep the old bowels ready to be operational.
So, here it is a week after the surgery, I am walking without fear my knee will give me a sharp pain and then give out. Doing my exercises like a good girl.
The first picture is a lovely arrangement that Margie Lou and her Mom, Linda had sent to hospital. Boy, I really needed that smiley cup and lovely flowers that day!
The other pictures are pretty self explanatory. The scar (about 7-1/2 inches long) with the staples was taken today. I was "lucky" and had some "fracture blisters" on my leg in various places. Felt real good when the tape was stripped off the first time!
I was given a waterproof bandages which I can shower in.
Well, that is it for this post. Gotta elevate that leg!
No more new pictures to share on Jason and Kara's house raising...not much done since last I wrote.
I hope you are all well....................