Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Enclosing the house and traveling across Logan

Busy closing in Jason and Kara's new home/garage! The winds are a-coming!
Drove across Logan Pass today to go to the doctor' was a beautiful day with quite a few construction stops on Logan. I took the pictures of the "boys" Mountain Sheep at the top of Logan this morning. This little group has been dashing across the road seems each time we come across.
The second picture is of the mountain by my favorite comfort station!!!!
I am exhausted from the trip so I will end this post.........take care!


  1. I hope the doctor's appointment went well.

    the sheep are gorgeous!

  2. I have enjoyed watching the progress of Jason and Kara's house. What an exciting time for them! Hope you are doing well after your surgery. I went riding with Leslie on Monday. Both she and her horse were exhausted after our ride, but I am sure it was good for both of them. ROXIE

  3. was a very long day, but it was good to have the staples removed! is exciting to see the their house going up. Happy trails to you...Leslie is brave to get on a horse after her surgery.

    ...Hugs, je