Friday, October 23, 2009

A place to rest on their journey!

The past few weeks it has been very noisy here by the home place. Trumpeter Swans and other migrating waterfowl have been coming in for a "landing" and a rest before they continue on their journey. You will have to look very close in the first picture to see the swans.
At one point there was such a clatter, that I thought a stampede of horses was running through our yard. It was a whole flock of swans taking off at once.
The swans are so majestic to look at...however, it is hard to "sneak" up on them. They are very smart and swim with the ducks. While the swans have their heads stuck down in the water, the ducks keep watch and will respond to any noise or sighting of a human!
The swans are also very noisy when they come in and when they leave.
It has quieted down now and only a few are seen coming in. During the very cold spell in early October they came in like crazy.
The beavers are very busy building up waterways for their own purposes. They love to plug culverts and are very creative in doing so. How they move what they do and put it where they do is truly a marvel! You can see some of their work in the last picture where they have cut off the pond that usually runs into the river or the river runs into the pond at this point.
The days were very cold and gray throughout most of October with a sunny day here and there. It was very strange to see some parts of our waterways frozen over in mid-October! It has warmed up some and the water is open once again.
All the pastures have turned brown, the trees were frozen and still have some green leaves on them -- they were as surprised as we were with the very cold weather we had in October. No fall colors here this year!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Cold and snow here by the Rocky Mountains! This really is too much winter for the month of October!
Just a few weeks ago I was complaining about the hot and dry temps of 80 degrees and then wham along comes these snow storms and cold temps (14 degrees at this moment in time)!
So, the chickens have quit laying -- and I certainly don't blame them. Icicles hang from the roof tops and could certainly do harm if they fell upon a person's head.
The first picture is taken up north on our land facing the Continental Divide and the mountains to the south. Jason and Kara's home is still under construction. Windows are in and the siding is going on.
Progress on my knee replacement was finally getting better and mobility was getting better and better -- until after the last theraphy I did. The day after the theraphy my knee went crazy with pain. I could not sleep in any position, walking up and down stairs is very painful and I feel as though I have digressed a month to where I had began with walking, stair climbing, and bending of my knee after the surgery. I am very disappointed that this has happened. I don't know what happened unless I did too much at one time with my knee exercises. What a setback! I have been in too much pain to even create little lambs. I feel as though I am starting all over again.
A mini blizzard came rushing in yesterday from the north (northwest)...howling wind, no visibility, blowing snow, and freezing temperatures! Thank goodness it did not add up to much snow. But I would not have wanted to be on the highways around here yesterday when it blew in.
I hope you all have a good holiday weekend. Holidays both here and in Canada (their Thanksgiving)! Take care and if you are traveling -- be safe!