Friday, October 23, 2009

A place to rest on their journey!

The past few weeks it has been very noisy here by the home place. Trumpeter Swans and other migrating waterfowl have been coming in for a "landing" and a rest before they continue on their journey. You will have to look very close in the first picture to see the swans.
At one point there was such a clatter, that I thought a stampede of horses was running through our yard. It was a whole flock of swans taking off at once.
The swans are so majestic to look at...however, it is hard to "sneak" up on them. They are very smart and swim with the ducks. While the swans have their heads stuck down in the water, the ducks keep watch and will respond to any noise or sighting of a human!
The swans are also very noisy when they come in and when they leave.
It has quieted down now and only a few are seen coming in. During the very cold spell in early October they came in like crazy.
The beavers are very busy building up waterways for their own purposes. They love to plug culverts and are very creative in doing so. How they move what they do and put it where they do is truly a marvel! You can see some of their work in the last picture where they have cut off the pond that usually runs into the river or the river runs into the pond at this point.
The days were very cold and gray throughout most of October with a sunny day here and there. It was very strange to see some parts of our waterways frozen over in mid-October! It has warmed up some and the water is open once again.
All the pastures have turned brown, the trees were frozen and still have some green leaves on them -- they were as surprised as we were with the very cold weather we had in October. No fall colors here this year!

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  1. When I lived in NJ we were right on the coastal flyway. I used to love to watch the birds that would land in the meadows for the night. I never knew what I might see and then they were gone in a rush of feathers in the morning.