Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone?

A belated Merry Christmas to all! I have just finished getting most of my Holiday Greetings sent out. This is perhaps the latest I have been in doing so. I see that the trees are from last year's post but, hey, they really are pretty. They were taken up on Logan Pass in August or some such month...a few years ago!

The top picture was taken a few days ago of the trees that I put up this year. I just did not feel like also putting up the really big tree. This is a shame because the really big tree holds all the ornament memories from when we first started decorating a Christmas tree here in Babb. There are ornaments from family, friends, the children made many, I made many -- as we hung each ornament a memory and a friend or family member came into our mind and we would discuss how the ornament came to us!

I attempted to go out to the storage shed to get some of the ornaments but the snow was so deep and was hard to walk through the drifts, so I settled for what I had in our home.

And it was enough this year.

We were able to spend some time with Mitch and Nichole and their four boys right before Christmas. We attended Kacey and Steven's school Christmas program and that was fun. The drive back was very iffy with the various weather and road conditions that faced us.

We had Christmas dinner in our home with Jason and Kara and friends.

I hope you all are well and happy and wish you the best in the coming new year -- 2010!


  1. Sometimes enough is..enough. I hope 2010 is much better for you. Less stress. fewer health difficulties and lots less snow.

    Goat hugs from all of us here in the erm, banana belt of Montana.

  2. Happy New Year Judy! Many blessing and good health for 2010.