Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where have all the years gone?

Me today....

Well, there you sort of have a quick trip through my life in pictures...

(1) At 1-1/2 years old
(2) With my favorite doll and play clothes in the late 1940's
(3) Grade school in early 1950's
(4) At 19
(5) At 23
(6) Probably around 25
(7) With Jena my sweet ewe and Shu-Shu-La in the late 1980's
(8) 1996 at basic law enforcement training

Today, December 08, is my birthday! I am still here! Another day to enjoy! As I write this I can hear the wind dashing about outside and I am hoping the snow is melting.

The years have flown by. As a child the time seemed to stop and just would not get-to-going! Especially if there was something special we were waiting for or a holiday was coming. But now the days rush by, months years all disappear in a wink!

...I am going to leave this post for a while and have breakfast!...

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What happened to October and November????

That is the question...what happened to October and November? has been a struggle! Snow, cold, snow and more snow! Pictures all look the same from the last snow.

We had to "cancel" Thanksgiving this past week...or maybe it was the power outage and the fact that my propane cook stove is electric can light the top burners with a match, but not the oven. I wish for my old propane was a life saver when the power went off for days and more some years.

Last month our tractor with the front-end loader decided to bite the dirt...needs a new hydraulic pump. Marvin was coming home from Cut Bank last week and the transmission went out of his ranch pickup. The good part of this adventure was that he was right by a ranch and a was pulled to safety. Jason and Kara went and rescued him. Pickup was towed to Cut Bank the next day. Debating on what to do with that.

We have been snowed in at our home. Jason and Kara's big tractor had the wrong diesel in it and it had jelled and some other problems with that so it was not running. They went into Cut Bank with their diesel truck and the throttle gizzmo went out. No parts to be had. They were given a pickup to take back to the ranch. Got their tractor going and plowed us out on Friday -- our Thanksgiving Day.

We are walking on about 2 feet of packed snow and if you fall off the "paths" you may just not get up. Especially with my new knee! Just to make things interesting the temperatures took a spill below 0 and with the wind chill it was very, very cold.

Luckily when the power went off it was in the 20's so the water did not freeze up. If this happened a few days before we would have been in a real bad fix with the pump house and water freezing up.

This was a crazy year for weather...winter remained into or through May with snow storms...hardly had a summer then in September it began to snow. I for some reason, don't really remember October. But November has been a very tough month for snow, freezing, and below zero temps.

It is in the low twenties today with snowed again last night a few inches. We had some really tough winds last week which made travel impossible.

Roads into and out of Browning were closed as well as US 2 between Cut Bank and Browning. They are open now. The blowing snow causing "white-outs" is the main reason for the closing and then the snow is blown into drifts across the roads.

...and that is the end of my post for today...I am attempting to make some more little lambs!

Everyone take care and stay not travel if you do not have to on bad roads.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hardy flowers and views from peddle-powered boat

I am always amazed that pansies, violas, and some other flowers can make it through frost, cold, and snow! So I have featured some of these wonderfully hardy plants that live on my deck.

The other pictures are of the channels we peddle-boat on. Nice exercise and lovely scenery. We were just out there a few minutes ago.

Meadow Muffin (horse) was wondering how she was going to get close to us...she was not sure of the water and if she should step into it. She has summered up north on our ranch where there are no creeks or streams to speak of. Boo-Boo (Anatolian mix dog) stands in the back of MM. Boo has learned to swim to keep up with the little boat and us. He sometimes wonders if he could jump into the back or on top of us. Thank goodness he has not tried, as yet! But you can see it in his eyes, if he could figure out how to do it and be brave enough he would jump!

The sky was so very blue and the clouds were so beautiful it was hard not to take a pictures.

The days are getting so much shorter, darn...we really do like all the daylight we have in the summertime.

Egg collection time!

Really Pretty Fall Colors!

Super pretty fall colors right out our back door! This is to the east on the foot hills. To the west the trees are fading faster.

Fall can be so very short in our area because of Mr. Wind.

Well, yesterday the boys were haying...raking the hay and baling the hay...the old baler bit the dust again...gear box went out...big part. Now what? Have to wait until tomorrow (Monday).

The sun was shining brightly this early am and through noon, but now the clouds have joined hands and hid the sun...and Mr. Wind has picked up...something about 50mph winds this afternoon.

My pansies and other potted plants are still alive and vibrant on my back deck even with the several frosts we have had -- not to mention the snows. Pansies, bless their little hearts, are very hardy and can endure this type of abuse from Mother Nature. I do push them back against the house wall for as much protection as possible. When I first got them and put them into pots, I would drag them into my little sewing studio off the deck. They have gotten too big to do this anymore. I do bring in a few that are in smaller pots. to gather eggs...everyone take care!♥

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back to Haying!

Good weather has returned...sun, wind, and warmer temps have returned and that means back to haying on the ranch.

Jason (our son) is out in the front meadow baling oat hay for feed for the cattle. This is the first day that the weather has cooperated to be able to get back to haying/harvesting.

The old baler is put back together by Jason and Marvin each and every day. That is the frustration of haying. Fixing the equipment especially when it gets old and well used.

The prices for new equipment astound me. Even for used equipment!

I have certainly enjoyed this day (09-25-10) once the sun came out! Mild weather with a wind -- which helps to dry out the wet swathed hay. I hope this weather continues for months to come.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Adam Marvin!♥

Such a grandmother am I...I thought Adam's first birthday was this coming Saturday...but this morning I had a sinking feeling and jumped out of bed to check birth dates...gasp!...I was so wrong -- his first birthday is today!

I looked at my husband and asked how come he did not remember -- he was rather wide eyed that early in the morning but he had nothing to say for himself. We both know that he does not keep track of birthdays, anniversaries or any other dates -- he depends on me to remember and to create and send cards, $ etc.

Our younger son was in Korea in the Marines while I was at law enforcement boot camp one year. The training was intense and that is what my thoughts were centered on. I was talking with some classmates and we were discussing birthdays of our kids...I was thinking about how old our two sons were when I was shocked to realize I had missed our son's "golden" birthday -- his age was the date of his birth! Gasp! He was very disappointed that I had forgotten. My husband was home on the ranch and could have sent a card, but he did not. So, the weight of this lapse of memory fell upon me.

I really need to so note on my calendar who has a birthday and when.

♥♥♥lots of love to our little grandson on his special day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scenes around the Home Place on the ranch

Yesterday, September 21, 2010, we had some very Montana varied weather. It started out with snow, then rain, and the sun may have shown, rain, and gray overcast day. The temperature hung around in the 30's to 40's. Last Friday, the 18th we had about 4 inches of wet snow which melted by the afternoon.

The first picture in this series of pics is of my van with a close up of the frost patterns that were left after our first real frost! My husband alerted me to this most intricate design left by Mother Nature.

The second picture is of our creek out our back door which channels here and there. The third picture is the hills to east looking out our kitchen window -- a great wildlife viewing area! The forth picture is a great view from a friend's home near Duck Lake (a few miles from us). The fifth picture is the snow that fell on Friday, September 17th. The sixth picture is more of the creek/channel outside our door. The last picture is the home of our busy beavers that have made the channels higher so we can use our "peddle-powered" boat to get around. Such fun.

My younger son has complained that I do not keep my blog up so he can see pictures of home for him and his family. So, this is dedicated to you, Mitch.

Marvin and I were off to Cut Bank early this a.m. for doctor appointments. Towns just do not get any closer no matter how many times a person travels those many miles (160 round trip). It really exhausts me. I do all the driving.

I am sad because Glacier National Park has closed Going-to-the-Sun Highway at the top and you cannot drive all the way over anymore this season. I just love to take that nice slow drive over the mountains to Kalispell and west via this road. Now, we must drive "down and around" via Maris Pass. It is a total of 120 more miles. In the winter this pass can be very emotional weather-wise and be a cause for a whole lot of stress with the changing weather and road conditions. We usually head for Great Falls in the winter because it is more on the plains and we only have to get out of our valley and go east where the weather is better.

Driving to Cut Bank today we noticed that many grain crops are still in the field waiting for harvesting. Many of the crops are still green. We have had so much moisture this year and no real hot weather for the crops to ripen.

We are attempting to get our haying done for feed. It was so wet this spring that it was impossible to get into the fields to plant some of our feed crops for our cattle until later in the season. The continued moisture was good for the meadows and for livestock grazing and beautiful wildflowers and green foliage.

It is fall here by the Rocky Mountains -- the elk are bugling, birds are gathering, bears are stuffing themselves with berries -- I am hoping for a long fall and a mild winter (I can always hope!).

Everyone take care and enjoy each day!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 2010

September was a very WET month here by the Rocky Mountains in northwestern Montana! I mean really wet (rain and snow) There was actually no summer to speak of (although, we did mention summer on many occasions and we were wondering where it was). Since there is nothing a person can do about the weather that comes their way, you just try to enjoy it.

The good part of the wet year is that the meadows stayed green longer than usual as did our lawns. Everything was lush in our area of Montana. Wild flowers were abundant and beautiful.

Since I don't seem to know how to manipulate this site to add labels to my pictures, I will explain them.

The first picture is what I took of our snow on Friday, September 17, 2010. When I took the picture the flash went off and really highlighted the soft wet snow coming down in the early morning -- the snow amounted to about 3 to 4 inches and melted later in the day.

The second group of scenery pictures were taken yesterday, September 18, 2010, in Glacier National Park on the east side. We live and ranch on the east side of the Rocky Mountains -- the windy side of the mountains! It is a short drive to St. Mary and the east entrance to Glacier National Park. These pictures were taken near one of the most photographed areas in the park -- Wild Goose Island. The clouds were low and it was hard to get too many shots. When the clouds are low and the mountains are wrapped in the cloud "fluff", I call it mystic! A mystic wonderland of mountain peaks poking through the clouds or just the bottoms showing. The waters are serene, no wind howling and churning up the water. Intermittent rain making the foliage fresh and looking new.

The leaves are changing in and around the park. I long to see some really red maples in the mix, but none grow here by the Rockies. Now, if only, Mr. Wind stays away for a while so we can enjoy the lovely fall colors.

I was informed that Logan Pass (Going-to-the-Sun Highway) will close today (September 19th) for traffic going all the way across the pass. However, the east side will stay open to the top of Logan Pass (18 miles from St. Mary) through October 18th -- weather permitting. I do not know the plans for the west side of Logan Pass. There is considerable construction and repair work going on past the top of Logan Pass on the west side.

The last two pictures are of Meadow Muffin and Marvin. Marvin raised this little orphan filly from a few days old -- the first picture is of MM in 2008 and the second picture is of MM just the other day. MM is very gentle and is being introduced to a saddle.

I am having a very hard time realizing that our long-awaited "summer season" has come and gone with very little of that season appearing! We had snows very late into our "spring" and then so much moisture. It is 42 degrees here today.

Take care everyone and have a great day.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August continued!

Mitch, Nichole, and their four sons came for a visit! We all went to Many Glacier which is about 15 miles from our ranch. Many Glacier is a beautiful part of Glacier National Park. It is located at the very foot of the mountains in the Many Glacier Valley! A great place to visit, hike, or just sit on the deck of the Lodge and take in all the wonderful scenery. There is a boat ride that takes you from the Swiftcurrent Lake and then you have a small hike to Lake Josephine

Here are some pictures of the historic Many Glacier Lodge and the beautiful Swiftcurrent Lake and surrounding mountains!

The first picture is of Steven, Mitch, Kacey, Marvin, Adam, and Bobby -- Mitch and Nichole's sons. The second picture is of Mitch and Nichole. Marvin (grandpa) is with Adam and Bobby on shores of Swiftcurrent Lake. We had marvelous weather to be in the valley. There are many hikes, ranger-guided hikes, horseback rides, and more in the area.

There is so much to do in Glacier National Park -- it is a vast and beautiful area of Montana!

August 2010

What fun it is when friends or family come to visit and you can take them to all the wonderful places that abound in our fantastic area of Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park.

These pictures are of Waterton Lakes National Park. They were mostly taken in the Goat Haunt Montana area of Waterton Lake. The lake begins in the townsite of Waterton, Alberta Canada and then you go west to Montana. Entry is by cruise boat -- the wonderful 83-year-old International! What a joyful way to visit this area of these wonderful parks. The combination of the two parks is call the International Peace Park.

Marvelous scenery! And, I believe, Glacier is celebrating it's 100th year this year! Happy Birthday!