Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sheet Rockin' and such!

I am behind on my pictures of Jason and Kara's progress on their new home. The top picture shows the back of their home and garage; the next picture shows the house/garage from the south side; the next pictures with the French doors is part of the dinning area/kitchen with the wall of the second bedroom/office to the right; the next picture is of Kara cooking on their wood stove/heater; the last picture is of the bathroom and part of the kitchen area.

The home/garage is a 30 x 40 foot building on both floors. You can see part of the stairs by the bathroom wall that lead down to the garage and to the outside door.

They plan on building a deck off the French doors. The garage section will house two vehicles and a shop plus a toilet and storage area which will be walled off from the garage section.

Kara and Jason have moved in and are enjoying the space. There is a lot of work ahead, but they are enjoying working on their home. They are applying the "mud" to the sheet rock and hope they will do it so as not to have to sand very much of their work.

The wood stove heats the upstairs very well and can also heat water and cook a meal. Water is being hauled in from our home since they could never get the water for their home up and running before winter set in.

Speaking of winters -- this has been quite a cold snowy winter thus far. Our road into our home has been a real challenge this year. The boys (Marv and Jason) have been plowing it with our tractors and there are some very impressive piles (little mountains) of snow on our road. When the wind blows, the plowing begins all over again.

The temperatures have been very cold -- however, we are, at this moment, enjoying some very nice temps in the 40's........spring! But we know that we can get slammed with the cold at any time. The -41 below temps were too unbearable!

Our little laying hens are producing a lot of eggs per day. The Brown Swiss milk cow is also producing a lot of a milk per day!

It is wonderful to see the blue skies and have it warmer!

Everyone have a great day and I hope your 2010 new year is going well so far and will continue to be good!


  1. The house looks wonderful. How exciting to build ones own home!

  2. Wow, it is coming together fast!
    I do not envy Kara having to cook on the wood stove, but to be honest some things are worth just being in your own place. ;)