Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oy...I am over run with EGGS!!!

...somewhere along the line when I was ordering little chicks (little pullets) I got carried away! "Oh, let me see, some of these -- some of those -- a few of those -- and have to have a few of those! Yikes! So, we are on egg overload, and it is no "yolk" folks! I have lovely fuchsia all biodegradable egg cartons to cuddle these little treasures in...but not enough homes to "adopt" them.

...gads, so if you live close by, give me a call for fresh eggs!

...I won't even go into the fact that we have a milk cow that gives 2 gallons or so twice a day! I am making butter!

...the picture above is my egg collection for a few days! I love all the colors of the eggs! Who needs any Easter dye for these little beauties!

Weather has been good here for the past week. When I watch the weather station on TV I see that there is a whole lot of bad weather way over there on the East Coast of the US. A lot of people without any power and any means of getting out for supplies.

...that is one good thing about living on a ranch...if we run out of power we heat with wood, have our fresh eggs out in the quonset (metal building), the milk cow is out in the barn, and we can fire up a small generator to run the freezer. We have a propane cook stove. Of course, our well may freeze up, if it is very cold and that would be very bad. We can get water out of our creek that runs right outside our home for washing etc.

...if the weather starts to get bad and I think the electricity may go off I swing into action by gathering water from our well in any container I can, plus plastic 5-gallon buckets, the wash machine will store water and so forth.

...I certainly do hope that you are all safe and not traveling in any bad weather out there! Take care of yourself and each other!


  1. Homemade butter is the best. I had been bartering goat's milk for cow's cream but my friend sold her milk cow. Bummer.

    We are drowning in eggs too. I make quiches and freeze them for an easy dinner later on.

  2. oh, make cheese with your excess milk!

  3. daughter-in-law makes cheese...

  4. Wish I were closer. I'd take some of those wonderful eggs off your hands! I'm ready for spring too! Roxie