Sunday, March 28, 2010


Traveled to Kalispell and Whitefish last Thursday. Jason (son) accompanied me. It was a very nice drive and a lovely day. I had a pinched nerve and needed to have an adjustment with a wonderful chiropractor in Whitefish. He seems to be the only one that can do a good adjustment on my poor old body!

The fun part on this long trip is to visit Hoopers Greenhouse outside of Kalispell on the old highway 2. They do not have very much on display because it is so very early in the season. But with the good weather that we have been having it feels like spring is just around the corner hiding and afraid to come out in case we get a very severe snow storm. Snow storms are highly likely until the end of May.

Jason bought a violet for Kara. I bought a bigger pot for the huge Hoya in my kitchen and then I spotted a few tulips in the greenhouse. There was nothing for sale in the greenhouse except for herbs. However, I did get this lovely grouping of tulips. I have repotted them and they are delightfully happy as am I just gazing at them.

Ah, it is nice to have them in the house. The wind is howling outside as I write this -- poor dears they probably would not survive even in the summertime over here where the wind blows constantly!

I positioned them by one of my favorite prints of mountains in Alberta, Canada.

Happy Sunday to all!

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  1. Hands down my favorite flower....
    They are gorgeous.
    I'm jealous!