Monday, April 19, 2010

I See Green!!!! Hooray!!!

It is a glorious day here by the Rocky Mountains...65 degrees, blue skies, not much wind...just an all around lovely day.

Don't need a jacket or hoodie...'cause the wind is not howling like it usually does on our windy east side of the mountains.

We had snow last week and it went right into the ground...producing a green glow on our lawn and the surrounding area. We could still get a real doozy of a blizzard but I am in hopes that this is our first day of Spring!

We are calving on our cattle ranch at this time of year. I will have to go "up north" to the calving grounds to get some pictures of the new little calves.

I have a bum calf in our barn down here at the home place that I feed at noon and Marvin feeds in the early morning and evening. We have a Brown Swiss milk cow that gives about four (4) gallons of milk a day -- so having a bum to consume almost a gallon at each feeding helps us to use all the milk. This is the first time the milk cow "came fresh" -- she is just a young first-calf heifer and she lost her calf at birth. The milk cow's name is Jesse and she is very friendly. The barn cats are also enjoying her milk each day. The cats really are not barn cats because they are fed so well, they only grab a mouse or two when they feel like it.

Most of the day, my "barn cats" spend their time on my back deck by the back door lounging on the wooden bench waiting for me to come out and give them a treat. I am very allergic to cats and they cannot be in the house, but I do enjoy them outside. The barn is full of hay and straw and they spend the cold days in there or in the hen house where they stay nice and warm. My cats accompany me on my walks to the hen house, barn, and anywhere else I go. They love to roll in front of me and I am concerned they will trip I have to be careful where I step.

The geese have come back to have their babies and raise them here in our creeks and by the river out back. Ducks are swimming in the creek out the door. I can hear the Sandhill Cranes making that delightful noise that they do as they fly about and land out in our front meadow.

It has been a few days since I have seen any bear -- which is good! I will not walk in the back by the river for a while either.

We are overrun with whitetail deer -- there are probably more than 100 that graze all over us down here by the home place.

I haven't seen the herd of elk that visited a few weeks ago, nor the bull elk that stopped out front on the meadow by the house.

Wishing everyone a great day...........


  1. Green, is my favorite time of year!!!
    You have a wonderful way with words; thanks for always bringing back such wonderful memories of home!