Sunday, May 30, 2010

Heavy Wet Snow, then the melt!

Heavy wet snow during the night and in the morning! Then the "melt"...the sun did come out for a little while. It was 33 degrees at the time of the snow pictures then it was 50 degrees when it all melted. I sure hope our lilac bushes can come out of this. They just had some leaves and forming of blooms.

We have seen snow every month of the year here by the Rocky Mountains. Some very severe snow storms in June and in August. When we travel we always carry an array of seasonal clothing -- just in case we need it!

We traveled to Kalispell on Friday -- snow here, ice and slush on top of Duck Lake ridge then the closer were got to Browning the roads became dry. The drive over Marias Pass was beautiful. Coming back we ran into heavy rains over the Pass with a threat of snow in our high country.

We now will have to watch the creeks and rivers for possible flooding.

But it is so glorious to see all the wonderful fresh new green. The trees have burst forth, the berry bushes were ready to bloom -- will have to see if this heavy wet snow hurt them at all.

We always love to visit a nursery outside of Kalispell -- the flowers and garden plants are so very wonderful to see -- but we know that we can only expose certain hardy plants to our east side of the mountains...high winds, very low night temperatures do not make for a good gardening experience. And the poor outdoor plants that find their way over here. Pansies, Violas, Columbines, and irises do okay. But no delicate plants can survive the outdoors in our area.

I hope the weather where ever you are is treating you kindly this holiday weekend. Take care and be safe.

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  1. Oh my! You can have the snow! I just wish we would see a little bit of sun. I am tired of the rain!