Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day!

I was a very lucky little girl! I had a wonderful Mom and Dad. I was especially close to my Mom, Theresa. I was the only daughter sandwiched (as I called it) between my two wonderful brothers.

Mom was a very outgoing, talented person and just the best Mom ever. We were very close and I enjoyed spending time with her at any time during my life.

Mom was musical, wrote poetry, artistic, and cared about her family first and foremost. She always thought of everyone else first. When I was in my teens, I told my Mom she should be "more selfish" and think about herself instead of everyone else. She never splurged on herself she would only buy the necessities.

I would sit with Mom and have her tell me all about her childhood. When I was able to drive a vehicle, I would take Mom shopping and where ever she wanted to go. Mom never did drive a vehicle. Her father had one of the first automotive garages in Chicago when she was growing up. I wanted to have her go driving with me to learn to drive, but she did not want to. That seems so strange to me now. Not wanting to drive -- hard to imagine -- I don't where I would be if not for being able to drive a vehicle.

Mom was an excellent student and had a chance to study art but she quit school to go to work and support her younger brothers and sisters when her father died suddenly and the family business was lost in the Depression of the 1930's. She was always very disappointed that she did not complete high school and continue her studies.

The first picture is of my Mom when she worked at the Boston Store in Chicago, she was 19 I believe; the second picture if of her at the conservatory in Chicago; the third picture is of her and my Dad on their wedding day; the last picture is of Mom and my older brother.

These are some of my most favorite pictures of Mom. Mom had broken her nose when she was very young and was dancing around a table at her home with her sisters. She hit the table and broke her nose, nothing was done but pack it so it quit bleeding. So she went through life with her little crooked nose that she had a hard time breathing through.

One of Dad's older brothers said (when he first met her) ... She is really pretty but what the heck happened to her nose! The brothers were involved with prize fighting (boxing) at the time and I think they wondered if she got the "bend" in her nose from a good punch! Oh, those Chicago Girls!

I lost my sweet Mom early in life -- she was 61 and I was 34! It was devastating for me and still is when I think of her! But she gave me such a wonderful safe foundation to build my life on that she is always with me.

Salute to all Moms everywhere!

...this is a small aside to the weather here in is MAY...and it is still snowing on and off...we had two blizzards last week...then the sun came out yesterday, and now it is snow squalling off the mountains...again today. I give up on Spring! Who knows when or if the lilacs will bloom...


  1. Your mom sounds wonderful! She is a very pretty lady. I can see where you get it from!
    Happy Mother's Day!!!
    Hugs from me.

  2. I can see your Mom in you in these pics. Love your blogs. You are a very talented writer.

  3. Thank you Jennie and Rox! My Mom was the best and really fun to spend time with!