Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where does the time GO???

It has been almost a month since I last updated my Blog! Just where does the time go. Life absorbs the days and nights and soon a month has passed.

It is either Monday or Friday it seems as the days and weeks pass with the speed not known to a child! As a child the days seemed to linger especially when we were in structured activities such as school.

The older I became the more I realized that time speeds by...well, unless you are waiting for someone or something!

We have had rain and hail and rain and hail. So, it is certainly still a lovely green by the mountains, but getting the crop in and now trying to hay have become a real challenge!

I have bruises on my left arm from the screen door to my deck off the kitchen! The reason being that the rain and hail would come with a vengeance and I would have to dash out to save my potted plants from oblivion...and during which I would catch my poor left arm on the screen door handle and so came the bruise.

As I grow older and older I am amazed and not entertained by the changes my body seems to be having. At one time, in my innocence, I thought "getting old" would be "fun". Being old and comfortable in my own skin! This may be because I had some really great older friends and I thought they had a good life. It is not that I am not sorta comfortable "in my own skin" but frankly there is too much of my skin covering too much plump stuff underneath. And the knees seem to wear out as do the feet from various activities and injuries that occurred over the years. Also the back and hips and well the list is totally endless and dismal to even continue to discuss with anyone.

I am glad that I was and am still an optimist because if I did not have that crazy plus in my life I think things could get a whole lot worse.

Now, on to more pleasant topics. When the sun shines it is beautiful here by the mountains...I do like the very cool days as well, but that can cause problems with the crops growing.

Driving through Logan Pass in Glacier Park has some construction delays because that old road really needed the attention and repair. And they are doing some very Serious Repair work. However, the drive is still exceptionally beautiful -- what a way to go "to town" as I always say.

The Pass is closed to through traffic from 9pm to 7am Monday through Thursdays. This is in the Top area of the pass. I still like the slow drive to and from the Kalispell/Whitefish area. And don't mind the possible 30 minute delay. The past few weeks there have been two sections that you wait for a pilot car to take you through the construction...and I mean to tell you there is no road to speak of in that area. So watch for the bumps and holes.

We were coming home this past Thursday and ran into pounding rain coming up from the West side...we missed the hail, thank goodness, the wind was wild so the hail would have been bad to encounter. It looked to be pea to marble size along the road as we drove by. I always feel bad for the motor cyclists when a storm hits. I was thinking that we may have to make a space for them in our van if the hail really hit up at the top.

The Thursday before last I took some pictures at the construction stop and I will post them with this update. Also took some pictures of the beautiful rose bush I bought at Hoopers Nursery over by Kalispell! I ♥Hoopers!!!

I think it will be a hot day here today.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Take care and enjoy!

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