Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August continued!

Mitch, Nichole, and their four sons came for a visit! We all went to Many Glacier which is about 15 miles from our ranch. Many Glacier is a beautiful part of Glacier National Park. It is located at the very foot of the mountains in the Many Glacier Valley! A great place to visit, hike, or just sit on the deck of the Lodge and take in all the wonderful scenery. There is a boat ride that takes you from the Swiftcurrent Lake and then you have a small hike to Lake Josephine

Here are some pictures of the historic Many Glacier Lodge and the beautiful Swiftcurrent Lake and surrounding mountains!

The first picture is of Steven, Mitch, Kacey, Marvin, Adam, and Bobby -- Mitch and Nichole's sons. The second picture is of Mitch and Nichole. Marvin (grandpa) is with Adam and Bobby on shores of Swiftcurrent Lake. We had marvelous weather to be in the valley. There are many hikes, ranger-guided hikes, horseback rides, and more in the area.

There is so much to do in Glacier National Park -- it is a vast and beautiful area of Montana!

August 2010

What fun it is when friends or family come to visit and you can take them to all the wonderful places that abound in our fantastic area of Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park.

These pictures are of Waterton Lakes National Park. They were mostly taken in the Goat Haunt Montana area of Waterton Lake. The lake begins in the townsite of Waterton, Alberta Canada and then you go west to Montana. Entry is by cruise boat -- the wonderful 83-year-old International! What a joyful way to visit this area of these wonderful parks. The combination of the two parks is call the International Peace Park.

Marvelous scenery! And, I believe, Glacier is celebrating it's 100th year this year! Happy Birthday!